Logistics, Logistics, Logistics. . .



I say again: logistics. And Teflon at Molten Thought knows from logistics. A former Air Force logistics officer, he gives us a 12-point assessment of underappreciated issues involved in the Katrina relief efforts.

My favorite is #4:

4. We do not yet have teleporter nor replicator technology like you saw on “Star Trek” in college between hookah hits and waiting to pick up your worthless communications degree while the grownups actually engaged in the recovery effort today were studying engineering.

Funny. But most of it is serious. Dead serious. Like #10:

10. No amount of yelling, crying, and mustering of moral indignation will change any of the facts above. Facts are facts. Opinion is cheap.

I found Teflon via John Cole, who caught my attention when he pungently expressed something I’ve been thinking: “What part of disaster these [deleted] people don’t understand. . .”

Exactly. When reading some of the criticism coming from the Left, it really does sound as if they think a “disaster” can come in neat packages, tied up prettily with a bow.

It wouldn’t be a disaster if everyone were back sipping cappucino and eating beignets already, much though we wish they were. . .


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  1. Logistics, Logistics, Logistics. . .

    Logistics, Logistics, Logistics. . .

  2. Eric Jaffa says:

    It isn’t only Democrats who are criticizing Bush’s failure in getting timely help to thousands of dehydrating people.



    William Kristol, the conservative publisher of The Weekly Standard, said of Mr. Bush: “I do think people think he could have showed stronger leadership.” But Mr. Kristol expressed doubt that the hurricane would have much lasting effect on the president’s personal and political fortunes, because “people are capable of saying, ‘The president kind of screwed this one up, but I still basically agree with him.'”

    Mr. Kristol added, “I think the Clinton administration would have done a better job in handling Hurricane Katrina, but I’m also glad Bush is president and not a Democrat.”

  3. Eric Jaffa says:

    This is a strawman argument.

    You don’t quote a single person saying that disaster rrelief is easy.

    The whole point is that it’s difficult, which is why George W. Bush shouldn’t have appointed someone like Michael Brown, who lacks experience:


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