Anti-Capitalists vs. "Poor Jack Yoest"


Ten reasons economic anarchists have not taken kindly to your Business Blogger:


Elephane Eggs

referred by Loaded Mouth

1) I spent $96.95 to fill my gas tank and didn’t blame President George Bush.

2) I put the gas in an SUV, a Suburban, giant monster truck.


3) To haul my overpopulating five children.

4) While stopped at Sam’s and WalMart.

5) On our way to a Bible study.

6) In land-grabbing suburbia.

7) After supersizing at MacDonald’s.

8) Following a little league baseball game where they, gasp!, kept score.


5 May 1990

9) While hanging with the mother of my said children.

10) Whom I met when she worked in the Reagan Administration.

10)(a) After I got out of United States Armed Forces.


Thank You (foot)notes

No Cleveland WalMart has more at “Poor Jack Yoest”

TAS at LoadedMouth corrects — Truth or Consequences is their tag line, not their title. Ad hominems included. Debate not.

See the best of faith-based capitalism Compensation Contest at Reasoned Audacity.

Visit Mudville Gazette at Open Post. And while you’re there drive by Below the Beltway on Economics in One Lesson on gas pricing.

Starling Hunter at The Business of America has the Wal Mart Carnival.


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