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Citizen Smash is looking for a job.

The number one characteristic a hiring manager should study is not on a candidate’s resume: Character. Hiring committees know only about an applicant’s mettle from a third party observation.


This is an openly biased endorsement for Citizen Smash at Indepundit.

We all can evaluate track records, competencies. We can objectively measure and manage knowledge, skills and abilities.

The subjective measure of a man is more challenging.

The most important component in getting a measurement of character is checking references. In critical positions I like to have an enthusiastic champion for the candidate somewhere in the “degrees of separation” between us.

I’ve never met Smash, but please accept my reference. Here’s how I know Smash is one of the good-guys:

Charmaine, my better half at Reasoned Audacity, was working the G8/Live8 in the UK when her site crashed. Our host didn’t take kindly to the spike in traffic volume.

So there was Charmaine in London on 7/7 and she couldn’t post. We were racking up transatlantic charges working to get her back online (with an unresponsive web hosting service — a topic for another post.)

Smash immediately understood the frustration of a fellow blogger and quickly posted her most recent entries from the Google cache.

If he would do this for an unknown “large mammal,” then it is a reasonable bet that he might be a bit more responsive to a supervisor who signs his check.

Hire Smash. Contact him. Or contact me.

He’s looking for a job in IT. Please pass this link on to someone who might know someone.


Come back for later posts where we discuss the biggest mistake a manager can make.

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  1. basil's blog says:

    Lunch: 9/20/2005

    Try one of these specials with your lunch: The Therapist has an update on the updated timeline. Jack Yoest is helping Citizen Smash get a job. Dave at Garfield Ridge follows DPRK demands. ScrappleFace says atheists don’t have a prayer.

  2. NIF says:


    Today’s dose of NIF – News, Interesting & Funny … It’s a “TJ is sick” + “Kerry-180” Tuesday

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