Judiciary Committee Votes on Roberts Today



You can watch the Judiciary Committee vote online today at the Washington Post and at C-Span 3. I think the Post is better.

Senator Specter began with his “yes” vote at 9:40 this morning. It looks like the Democrats are pursuing a feeble “Good Cop/Bad Cop” strategy with Leahy voting yes while Biden, Kennedy, Feinstein and others go with the predictable “no.”

Look, I can’t resist: this is a “Stuck on Stupid” strategy for the Democrats. They want a more “moderate” candidate next, but why should the President bother? If he can’t get these guys for Roberts, he won’t get them for anyone else.


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  1. Travels in the Blogosphere

    James Lileks rants about the lack of quiet from television announcers during major news events. Michele, ever the keeper of Halloween traditions, is holding on to a horror theme as we head toward Halloween. Captain Ed discusses Feinstein’s No vote

  2. Eric Jaffa says:

    John G. Roberts has only been a judge for two years, the White House wouldn’t release most of the relevant documents of his work for previous administrations, and Roberts wouldn’t answer the questions of the Judiciary Committee.

    Would you hire someone to work for you who was so evasive? How about if the length of the hire were the rest of his life?

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