Vice President Cheney Disses National Review


Spent Thursday night at the 25th anniversary gala for National Review.

The talk, of course, was Harriet Miers. I did my own informal poll on how it’s trending for her.

One conservative commentator I asked immediately launched into a fairly detailed, and plausible, scenario which results in the end of her nomination.

The next one shrugged and dismissively insisted she would be confirmed easily. He wasn’t even particularly interested in alternative scenarios.

Meanwhile, Charles Krauthammer has come out against her, calling her nomination “scandalous.”

And Judge Bork, calling it a “disaster on every level.”

They were both at the gala. As was George Will, who is also opposing Miers.

Facing that kind of high-level criticism from leaders of conservative thought, I wondered what Vice President Cheney, who was listed as a speaker in the program, would say.

But he didn’t say anything.

He didn’t even come.

A ballroom full of your most prominent critics — a target-rich environment, if you will. And he punted.

Interesting political strategery.

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Jack has more, and the pictures.

Open Post at Beth’s Vast Right Wing Conspiracy, as well as why Miers might actually be the best nominee.

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And Mrs. Greyhawk is hosting Open Post this weekend, too.

50th Anniversary of National Review 1955-2005, October 6, 2005


Cocktail Reception

Call to Order M. Stanton Evans

Invocation Father George Rutler

Introductory Remarks M. Stanton Evans

Remarks Vice President Dick Cheney

Dinner Is Served

“A 50-Year Overview” Rush Limbaugh, Narrator

Jason Steorts, Editor

Special Recognitions M. Stanton Evans

Remarks Rich Lowry

William F. Buckley Jr.

Benediction Father George Rutler

Music and Dancing until 11:00 pm

Music by the Eric Felton Orchestra

The National Review Institute

Mr. Rush Limbaugh

Mr. George F. Will

The Honorable Henry J. Hyde

Mrs. Marth Apgar

Family Research Council

Dutko Worldwide

Citizens United

Visa USA

Media USA

Media Research Center

John M. Olin Foundation

Mr. CH Brunie

National Rifle Association

Mrs. Ann Corkery

Heritage Foundation

Mr. William H. Ingram

Capital Research Center

Federalist Society

Dezenhall Resources

Mr. Clark Reed

Mr. William Hoskins

Holland and Knight

RSL Associates

William E. Simon Foundation

Koch Industries

Mr. Dan Cook III

American Enterprise Institute

Mr. Joseph Donner

Verizon, Inc.

Ave Maria Law School


Mr. Howard Rich

Blank Rome LLP

Mr. Alfred C. Eckert III

Mr. Richard Gilder

Mr. Peter Travers

Quinn, Gillespie and Associates

Williams & Jensen, PLLC

Wine and Spirits Wholesalers of America

American Legislative Exchange Council

Legacy Partners Group

The Fund for American Studies

Motion Picture Association of America

Recording Industry Association of America


Antipasti of Seafood

Chateaubriand with Twin Sauces

Grilled Pacific Salmon

Truffled Potato Crepes

Asparagus and Yellow Pear Tomatoes

Hazelnut Meringue filled with Chocolate Ganache

and Crushed Hazelnut Praline


Ronald Reagan:

I think you know that National Review is my favorite magazine…because of its wit and its charm and the intellectual quality of its contents

George F. Will:

It is simply the case that National Review is the most consequential journal of opinion ever….It has changed first the ideas and then the politics and ultimately policies of the most important nation the world has ever known…


Buckley, Bush earlier on Thursday

at the Old Executive Office Building (OEOB)

which is considered to be a part of White House


Thank you (foot)notes:

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Our friends on the Left are having a laff.

Left Coaster says Stop the Presses.

Centerfield cites Bork.

Professor Bainbridge supports Miers.

JollyBlogger doesn’t quite trust Miers:

In a situation like this, Martin Luther’s famous quip comes to mind that he would rather be ruled by a wise Turk than a foolish Christian. Of course the best option is to be ruled by a wise Christian. Miers is not a Turk in Luther’s sense, and she is a Christian, we need to know that she is a “wise” Christian in the sense of having the wisdom she needs to sit on the Supreme Court.

Joyner at Outside The Beltway is getting married today. But he still got Beltway Wedding Traffic Jam up. (Would that all managers could delegate so well.) (A future bloggable example.)

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Miers trouble in the Austin Bay household. He agin; wife for.

Hubris has pics — what is a prenumbra anyway? Thank you to Sister Toldjah.

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  1. Basil's Blog says:

    Sunday Brunch: 10/9/2005

    Try one of these specials with your weekend brunch: The Moderate Voice is following the earthquake. Confederate Yankee is also following the earthquake. Public Eye (Bachman) says Allah takes credit. The Steel Deal finds the UN bombed the smurf out

  2. I am so jealous right now I can barely stand it.

    I have read National Review for over 20 yrs. I would KILL to go to a party like that.

    You lucky dog.

  3. charmaine says:

    It was a great party, but your presence would have made it even better, RWS!!

  4. Well slip me an invite next time you are invited to anything with anyone in this room!

    I will come!

    p.s. you’re sweet!

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