Are Miers' Opponents Elitist? And Sexist?



Judge Janice Rogers Brown

I spoke too soon when I noted last week that the debate over Harriet Miers had focused on her qualifications, not her sex. Like a bad penny, here comes the sexism argument, with the White House claiming that the oposition is rooted in sexism and elitism.

Is it?

You can judge for yourself. With thanks to an anonymous source, following is a list of the names that have become so familiar in recent months: a partial conservative Supreme Court wish-list, with their undergraduate and graduate institutions.

Janice Rogers Brown: Cal State, UCLA — woman, not Ivy League

Michael Luttig, Washington and Lee, U. Va — man, not Ivy League

Alice Batchelder: Ohio Wesleyan, Akron — woman, not Ivy League

Priscilla Owen, Baylor, Baylor — woman, not Ivy League

Edith Clement, Alabama, Tulane — woman, not Ivy League

Edith Jones, Cornell, University of Texas — woman, not Ivy League law school


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4 Responses

  1. Basil's Blog says:

    Lunch: 10/12/2005

    Try one of these specials with your lunch: WuzzaDem watches the news. Kobayashi Maru is losing a family member. [via The Florida Masochist] Feisty Republican Whore goes all White Trashy. Redneckin’ finds business as usual in Sin City. Pirates’ Cove

  2. The Miers Firing Squad

    Many people have also been stating that the White House has been inept in advancing this nominee but I do not see any evidence that the confirmation is in doubt. Bush has made over a hundred nominations over his terms, and EVERY one of them has been …

  3. Pat Patterson says:

    These kind of arguments are great blood sport especially when contested by intellectuals. But, Charmaine, please don’t confuse the issue with facts. It’s more fun to respond like poor Pavlov’s dog then to do a modicum of research. Off the topic, it was pretty neat when Vorenus talked about the gaseous elements trying to escape from the drowned legionaires in last week’s Rome.

  4. charmaine says:


    And yes, Rome! Missed the quote you’re talking about, but that raft! Ewwww. So brilliant. Love that show. . .