Harriet Miers, Butt of Jokes and The Chonicle of Higher Education.



Pictured in

The Chronicle of Higher Education

To follow up yesterday’s post, I was researching “Butt of Jokes” and got distracted. Alert readers will notice that this is not the post I promised.

Tomorrow, I will publish how to get off the laugh track when you become the butt of jokes, the challenge Harriet Miers now faces.

But for now let me observe that it is never good to have your name come up in a Google search that includes ladies with dollar bills lovingly inserted into a g-string. Go ahead: Look up ‘Harriet Miers’ and ‘butt of jokes.’ I’ll take the hit(s).

Anyway, the pictures above and below are from a story in the newspaper of record for the Academy, the Chronicle of Higher Education.

From a sociologist. His academic research. I didn’t read the article. I go to Playboy for the articles.

Better writing.

And today we learn that Daniel Drezner has been denied tenure by the University of Chicago. ProbablyMaybe because of his blog. He should have been doing work that Institutions of Higher Learning would appreciate. Advising students. Writing books. And advancing scholarship. . .

Like taking pictures of girls’ derrieres.

Tomorrow I shall return to the serious business of advising on public relations disasters.

After I finish this stack of Chronicles.


The End

# # #

Thank you (foot)notes:

Full Disclosure: My wife has been quoted in The Chronicle, but never photographed.

[And she insists that I add this disclaimer: the Playboy line is a joke.]

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3 Responses

  1. Waco Kid says:

    Dear Mr. Yoest,

    If you insist on presenting on your blog these shocking photographs of girs’ derrieres, at the very least sir, have the decency to make them larger and in full color.



  2. Jack Yoest says:

    Waco, your comment is interesting — I got the same request from a local pastor.

    So he could pray about my problem more effectively…

  3. Waco Kid says:

    LOL…think we need to pray for him!