On Being Stubborn


According to his critics, Bush is stubborn. So stubborn that he will never admit to a mistake and change course.

But is he?

The withdrawal of the Miers’ nomination proves his critics at least half wrong. And there is a nearly endless trail of instances where they haven’t admitted their own far more egregious obdurance — such as their opposition to Reagan’s defeat of the Russians without firing a shot. Likewise the liberals will never admit that Bush’s persistence in pursuing the War on Terror in Iraq is not a matter of obstinancy, but one of courage, determination, principle, and, not least of all, a keen understanding of what is at stake if we cut and run.

Stubborn, with those stakes, ain’t so bad.

Call it resolute. It’s a quality he needs for the days ahead.

The President has been attempting to avoid a head-on confrontation with Senate Democrats over the Supreme Court. With good reason. But if my mail today over the poll on the next nominee is any indication, the President’s supporters want to see a little stubborn.

There’s a time for strategery. And a time for diggin’ in.

Now is the time for stubborn.


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