Is It Alito?


So says Red State.

(JRB still ahead here at Reasoned Audacity — Be sure to VOTE in the poll on the left side-bar!)

LATE-AFTERNOON SCUTTLEBUT UPDATE: Luttig gaining. With some Chris Cox thrown in for good measure.

JRB still way out ahead here, though, with almostover 1,000 votes now cast.


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4 Responses

  1. R. Emmett Tyrrell makes a good case for Ted Olson in today’s Washington Times. Olson is a former Solicitor General and his arguments in front of the Supreme Court are “legendary”.

  2. Beth says:

    Alito would be EXCELLENT, although RedState’s (Erick’s) predictions have a, as one of the commenters there put it, “Kos-like winning percentage when it comes to predictions.” 😉

    Anyone nicknamed “Scalito” is a winner in my book.

    Reading the thread of ignoramuses commenting over there made me want to barf. “I’m not thrilled, because I don’t know anything about him.” Thanks, Mr. Expert. ::rolling eyes::

    My prediction: all those JRB fans are going to be disappointed. She is NOT going to get the nomination. Bush WILL NOT nominate someone who will dismantle the Patriot Act*–it’s his #1 concern, 24 hours a day. IMHO, it’s either libertarians voting in the poll, or people who don’t know much about her–people who know her rep as a “conservative,” and like the fact that she’s a minority female. I would be for her too, if it weren’t for her libertarian streak.

    [* PA explains his closeness to Gonzales, although I think I have only slightly lower chances than he does of being nominated.]

  3. Friend of JK says:

    Folks, you’re in a pretty bad position. Sure, you might be able to win a showdown in the Senate but come election time you’ll face the consequences. People like Brown and Luttig are way out of the mainstream. There’s no way a justice like that will go down well with independent voters. If you win a high-profile battle, you will pay the price.

    And by the way, people like Brown and Luttig aren’t just applying the word of the constitution. No matter how many times Bush says that he will appoint someone who doens’t legislate from the bench, the fact is that any court ruling will have policy consequences. Full stop.

  4. Pat Patterson says:

    Nah, Chris Cox is out, he’s confessed to being a Ayn Rand fan, or at least has read more that one book. Plus there are strong rumors here, Orange County, that he was seen in the 70’s driving around with a Who Is John Gault? sticker on his car.

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