Bunnies Give Rita Cosby Big Boost


Heidi  Charmaine.jpg

My friend Peter, from March Together, very graciously sent a clip of the Rita Cosby interview with me and Heidi Fleiss.

UPDATE: And he sent this picture, which he entitled “Best Friends!” Hah!

Click here to watch . . .

It was a big night for Rita: 604,000 viewers — winning the night for MSNBC.

Me, I am resolutely taking credit.

What?? You think the half-clad bunnies were the draw?


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2 Responses

  1. Jack Yoest says:

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  2. lexie says:

    Great job, Charmaine. I’m glad there are ladies like you standing up for what’s right. Your last comment about the vision of Fleiss’s latest venture was well put.