Watching the Game Tapes


The Regional Semi-Finals for the Pop Warner Eastern Region are today at High Noon. The Hurricanes are squaring off against the North Philly Aztecs.

Thanks to all of you who have written with words of cheer and interest — and to the rest of you with no interest at all: thanks for humoring me.

As it turns out, the Aztecs weren’t the only ones doing a little spying on the opposition. . . .

We celebrated my birthday Thursday night by watching game tapes with 20-some rowdy ten-year-old boys. Hey, first things first!

Bedside Reading

As I was driving to drop the Dude off for the tape-watching, I told him that I’d always wanted to see game tapes and hear a coach walk through them. ‘Cause frankly, my Football for Dummies reading is only taking me so far. It still all looks like a swirl of red and black out there on the field. I’m doing well if I can follow my boy. Seeing the ball — bonus.

I got my wish. When we arrived back to pick him up, they were still going strong. They were going over last week’s cliffhanger frame by frame.

Then they capped it off with the spy tapes of the Aztecs themselves. Late into the night!

And I can’t tell you what it is . . . but we’ve got a plan, man.

High noon, baby. High noon.


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