Correction: Salvation Army CEO Salary


UPDATE: The good people doing Good Works at the Salvation Army sent me the actual salary information for the top official. Major George E. Hood, the National Community Relations Secretary, from the National Headquarters tells me:

Regarding the full compensation for Commissioner W. Todd Bassett and his wife Commissioner Carol Basset, together their combined compensation includes basic living allowances and grants totaling $64,210.00 and housing valued at $34,116.00.

For two individuals the total compensation is approximately $98,326.00.

This is for two in Alexandria Virginia, a suburb of Your Nation’s Capital. $100K is considered minimum wage. For one.

The tag line for the Salvation Army is,

“Doing The Most Good”

And they should add, “For The Lowest Cost.”

I particularly like the joint compensation and responsibilities. Two become one and all that…A family enterprise doing eternal work.

This should correct the record of my Forbes source cited below and other incomplete references.


Salvation Army

My favorite triple A: US Army, Dick Armey, Salvation Army.

The Salvation Army should be first among your charities during this season of Hurricane Katrina. Here’s why.

I once sat on a board to evaluate administrative overhead costs of hundreds of 501(c)(3) non-profit charitable organizations.

The Salvation Army always had about the lowest admin burden.

For example:

American Red Cross, Marsha Evans earns $651,957.

United Way, Ralph Dickerson Jr., president of the United Way of New York City, $420,000.

Goodwill Industries, George W. Kessinger, $386,575

Salvation Army, W. Todd Bassett $166,850


Catholic Charities USA, Thomas A. DeStefano, $116,362.

Full Disclosure: I once asked a woman in the Salvation Army out for a date (B.C., before Charmaine). She turned me down ever so politely. I always had a weakness for uniforms.


Originally published 9.17.05

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    Todd and Carol are my grandparents 🙂

    I’m so proud of them! 😀

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