Beauty is as Beauty Does


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You can rent the girl on the Left

You can’t touch the Right GirlTom McMahon puts together the best 2X2 matrix you can get anywhere. (His meticulous GE business training serving us all.)

And inspires my modest 1X2 block featuring Hollywood Madam Heidi (prostitutes) and Charmaine (motherhood, applepie, Old Glory; Truth, Justice and The American Way).

Naomi Wolf wrote a book about “The Beauty Myth” — we all are focused on looks rather than content.

But there should be no confusion on what sells and presents best. No matter if a tangible product — a widget; or an intangible idea — public policy.

Beauty is as beauty does.


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2 Responses

  1. First a quick comment…how come your site refuses to remember me? I always click the yes button and every time I come back I have to do it again….and here I thought I was totally rememberable…

    Now about your post…I think it’s very sad what Heidi has done, and continues to do. On Friday my local news here in CA did an interview with her about her new “business”, and I was just sickened by it. And yes, despite our looks, content is always better and more telling.

  2. Jack Yoest says:

    Stacy, I am sorry about the software forgetfullness. I am working to get it all fixed. I got a number of problems — the software that is. I think. I can’t remember…

    And you’re right about Heidi — she continues to get barrels of ink and attention.

    This is bad for the children viewing and scares the horses.