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Today is Commerce Day, which is celebrated on the Friday following Thanksgiving Thursday. The day was instituted to satisfy pent-up demand that accumulated over the mid-week consumer diversion to Sam’s Club (for food-stuffs), away from Wal-Mart (for all other-stuffs).

So Charmaine pulls up Drudge and relates how AP reports:

At a Best Buy Co. Inc. store at CambridgeSide Galleria, in Cambridge, Mass., the line of about 400 shoppers snaked through the indoor mall for the 5 a.m. store opening, a scene that was played out across the country.

Que-ed consumers were:

…enticed by deals such as a Toshiba Corp. laptop computer, with a 15-inch screen, that was $379.99

Sales ends at noon. We’re outta here.

Happy Commerce Day to you and yours!


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