Ayotte v. Planned Parenthood


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I’m sitting on the fountain at the base of the steps of the Supreme Court, waiting for the press conference at the conclusion of oral arguments in Ayotte v. Planned Parenthood.


Kelly Ayotte

After Oral Arguments

Facing Reporters

She’s Terrific!

Kelly Ayotte is the Attorney General of New Hampshire, and she is defending a law passed by the NH legislature that requires notification of parents prior to a young girl getting an abortion.

Planned Parenthood has sued the state because the law doesn’t make an exception for the “health of the mother.”

The law DOES, however, have a “judicial bypass” — that means a young woman can make an appeal to a judge if she has a reason not to turn to her parents.


Ayotte facing the scrum. Dana Milbank of the Washington Post in the middle in the greyish suit and tie.team-tiller.jpg
The Tiller T-shirt

One picture I don’t have: a young woman in a “Team Tiller” t-shirt. Tiller is the notorious abortionist who specializes in late-term abortions on viable babies. She wouldn’t let me take her picture after I told her I was pro-life.

Here’s the Tiller-Girl’s Friend
Her friend standing next to her with this “conscience” poster was happy to be photographed. Don’t know why they would think this poster is more “acceptable” than the Tiller t-shirt.


I told this “Pro-Choice Boy” that being pro-choice was “awfully convenient” for him. The whole gaggle of girls around him laughed, so they seemed to get the joke.


Dueling Protestors . . . the NOW/NARAL crowd didn’t have the Supreme Court steps all to themselves. . .


My favorite protestors, these brave women came out to say “My Abortion Hurt Me.”


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18 Responses

  1. Bob says:

    An exception for the “health of the mother.” Am I missing something here? Aren’t those the most important cases when parents should be notified? Planned Parenthood is so unbelievably anti-family!

  2. Carol says:

    Interesting all the things that parents must be notified of concerning their children. They must be notified before the child can work with a special education teacher. The schools must get written permission before children can go on field trips or take medication at school. Parents must provide an excuse if a child misses a day of school or is tardy. Doctors and hospitals must have parental permission to treat children . . . UNLESS the treatment involves an abortion. It DOES NOT MAKE SENSE except in the minds of politically correct junkies who feel that absolutely nothing should interfere with anything dealing with a woman’s (or, in this case, child’s) freedom of CHOICE about abortion.

  3. Punmeister says:

    This debate comes at a time when the Washington State Supreme Court has just decided that a former lesbian lover of a woman, who is now married to the biological father of her child, should have co-equal parenting rights with the biological parents. This in spite of the fact that she never legally adopted the child while the two women lived together. If the left had their way, I believe they would outlaw biological parenthood altogether and turn every child over to the state to be reared by whomever the state decides can do the best job of raising up politically correct servants of the state. Up with parental rights.


    Charmaine Yoest live-blogged the scene earlier this afternoon outside the Supreme Court as the justices heard the conclusion of oral arguments in Ayotte v. Planned Parenthood (the New Hampshire parental notification case). Seems there was a bit of an a…

  5. Punmeister, you are correct, and it’s all straight out of the humanist handbook, Plato’s Republic. Society creates children during mating festivals, and then the state raises them. It’s a rather accurate description of our inner cities.

  6. srundquist says:

    Interesting the point on all the approvals and responsibility required of a parent – except when abortion is involved.

    Irony – I agree. Sick irony that it is okay to risk a person’s life with abortion and then they have to have PERMISSION from the parents to save that person’s life. A society that has gone that far to me has gotten just pretty darn sick.

  7. Jane says:

    Charmaine, you are a super star to me.

  8. DebbieS says:

    I wish you would provide more information about your friend Eileen’s daughter. How old was she? What was the problem? What kind of operation? What kind of family life does she have, that she wouldn’t talk to her mother about this?

    My (liberal) friends don’t think that their daughters will be the ones getting an abortion. Or they need one, they will voluntarily tell their parents. They think the law should be written for the girl who doesn’t come from a happy home, and who might be beaten if her father found out she was pregnant.

  9. Jane says:


    You rocked. Even the other person was nodding in agreement. Super cool Charmaine.

  10. Charmaine,

    Keep doing the Lord’s work. 40 Million babies have been murdered because of Roe. Roe represents the sarament of the Democrat party. This is why it means so much to them. How sick that the issue they care about most is one that allows developing babies in the womb to be dismembered, sucked into a vacume, and discarded in the trash. It is all part of the 60s counterculture, anti-God, anti-establishment, morally relativistic, mindset of the modern day “liberal.” True feminists like Elizabeth Stanton were staunchly por-life until the women were duped by the post modernists/Marxists “feminists” who promised “liberation” from the male patriarchy. Meanwhile, they became part of the physically violent male dominated world. I can’t wait for women to once again become the lovers, care givers, and nurturers of life God created them to be. That day is coming soon.


    Pundit Review Radio


  11. The Drill SGT says:

    The Powerline guys have a post about your work

  12. Charlie says:

    There’s a powerful LA Times story by Stephanie Simon available online called “Offering Abortion, Rebirth.” She profiles Dr. William F Harrison, an abortionist in Fayetteville, AK, goes inside his clinic, interviews young women about their reasons, etc. A must read.

  13. eLarson says:

    Good stuff, Charmaine.

    A thing to keep in mind when trying to figure out where Planned Parenthood is coming from is that they are an industry interest group out to keep their revenue stream open.

    They are, you might say “Big Abortion”.

  14. Ayotte vs Planned Parenthood – Reasoned arguments

    Video clips here. The second clip is of The Cotillion’s own, Charmaine Yoest on Pault Zahn Now last night. Charmaine also Live Blogged from the steps of the Supreme Court as well as addressing the assembled reporters. Charmaine is pro-life…

  15. Charmaine Yoest and Ayotte v. Planned Parenthood

    Check out my Cotillion sis’ Charmaine Yoest–she’s been a busy woman lately, following the Supreme Court Ayotte v. Planned Parenthood case! Here’s Charmaine live-blogging from the Supreme Court.

    (click to enlarge)

    That pictu…

  16. Terry says:

    The boy is not saying that he is a pro-choice boy but that he loves them. I’m wondering if it is intentional or not.

  17. RD says:

    Charmaine, my stomach couldn’t take more than an hour with that crowd… yours must be strong indeed.

    And your friend’s troubles are proof positive that abortionists don’t care a whit about women’s “health”. How can they possibly maintain they’re promoting a child’s “health” by excluding parents from life-and-death health information affecting their kid?

    At least these yahoos can no longer safely retreat to their theoretical arguments because your friend’s real-world example exposes their “doting concern” as a blatant fraud.

  18. lisa says:

    Abortion is murder, and abortionists are murderes.

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