Eileen Roberts and Parental Notification


Some of you have asked for more information on Eileen Roberts, the mother I mentioned in the post below whose 14-yeear-old daughter got a secret abortion — and Eileen found out about it when the doctors called her from the emergency room to get her consent to the surgery needed to save her daughter’s life.

Eric Ragle’s got the full story and Eileen’s contact information.


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2 Responses

  1. Ayotte vs Planned Parenthood – Reasoned arguments — UPDATE

    Video clips here. The second clip is of The Cotillion’s own, Charmaine Yoest on Paula Zahn Now last night. Charmaine also Live Blogged from the steps of the Supreme Court as well as addressing the assembled reporters. Charmaine is pro-life…

  2. Darleen says:

    Thanks for citing this story, Charmaine!

    I have to admit, Ms. Roberts is a better lady than I am. In the same situation, I would have tracked down the abortionist and aborted his liver via his nose.

    ~Darleen, mom of 4 daughters