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Merry Christmas

from The White HouseThis year’s Christmas controversy continues with the Presidential Holiday Card omitting Merry Christmas.

Instead the First Family included a verse from Psalms. From the Bible.

No, no, the endorsement is not of Bush for the Bible.

Well, actually it is. But permit me another observation.

Not Scripture, but a secular endorsement.

Your Business Blogger looked at the card cover and read the inside content. But was most interested in the back of the card. See the bottom.


The Hallmark card company was selected the fifth year in a row to be the supplier for the season.

The Christmas card was mailed to 1.4 million of Bush’s closest friends.

Hallmark is making a lot of good impressions.

Congratulations to Hallmark on receiving The Year’s Best Product Endorsement.





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Thank you (foot)notes:

The Political Pit Bull has a card for the ACLU.

The Political Teen also has the story.


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