Jingozian Surrenders: Jingo-Jihadists Run Presidential Campaign



Jingo-Jihadists Cheerfully Surrendering Mike Jingozian, candidate for president (of the United States) has begun his political campaign.

With a surrender.

Using the banner “Jingo-Jihadists for Surrender Soonest” the JJ for SS hopes to mobilize the America-Firster voting public into surrendering, a la French, to Al Qaeda.

However. It might be a mistake for a politician to throw his hands into the air and cry “Surrender Now!” This makes for a compelling picture message, that didn’t even work for Cindy Sheehan.

The first rule of politics, as in medicine is First Do No Harm.

Which is close to a motto in our household: Don’t screw up.

(Alert Readers understand well that Your Business Blogger rather enjoys a [calculated] risk. Don’t Screw Up is not a retreat from trying, but an invective to be smart.)

Smart politics has yet to be found in the Jingo-Jihad Surrender presidential campaign. The first item on which Your Business Blogger advises clients is to get the big, simple things right.

Like your name.

And the domain. This being the internet age and all.

Which makes the Jingo-Jihad Surrender campaign so sad. Mike Jingozian claims a degree from Harvard and various technology awards.

You’d think he’d get the basics right. Him running a super-duper tech company as he is wont to remind us voters. And running for President (of the United States!).

Basics like:



Mike Jingozian

visionary on a pedestal The Jingo-Jihadists might also reconsider the Reset photo shooting. It is very difficult to get a good publicity shot of a client where the audience is looking up his nose holes. Even assuming excellent nose-hair-hygiene.

So, we start with three minor campaign criticisms:

1) Surrender is bad bannering

2) Claim your name domain

3) Make your picture perfect

Yes, there’s more. Continue reading the Jingozium Erratum at the jump.


Reset American banner


Thankyou (foot)notes,

See “First, do no harm”: Not in the Hippocratic Oath sans abortion.

Your Business Blogger is honored (I guess) to be listed on the home page of Jingo-Jihad Presidential Campaign Homepage.

This is another installment on corrections for Mike Jingozian. Jingo the Jihadist says,

1. Jack goes back and changes the content of his posts to make it appear that I am lying. Ironically, one of his overriding precepts is ‘Timeless Truth.’ If what he posts is the ‘Timeless Truth,’ then one must wonder why he feels the need to constantly change the content.

This is not quite right. Content is not changed at Reasoned Audacity nor at the Management Training Blog. Alert Readers will remember that Charmaine and I merged our sites and commissioned a new template. Content was untouched, unchanged.

We also migrated from html to php and lost a number of links, as any 14 year-old technologist would attest. All posts were still available in the categories on the sidebar for the Alert Reader and inquisitive mind. Neither of which would describe Jingo at the Reset America political campaign. I do wish to thank Mike Jingo the Jihadist for letting me know about broken links.

Changing content is considered bad form in the blogosphere. Corrections and modifications are welcomed in the comments.


The Dude,

Dad went to Oxford

All I got was this shirt and a Jingo-Jihad

“2. Oddly enough, Jack is guilty of many of the same lies and defamatory comments that he directs towards me. For example, Jack accuses me of lying about my educational background. He said that I claim to have a Masters Degree from Harvard in print. Like most of his accusations, this is not true. (He even bolds and changes the font color of ‘in print’ to red – making the lie seem even more egregious.)

However, it is Jack himself who lies about his own academic background. According to an investigator hired by our attorney, Jack never graduated from Oxford. As a matter of fact, there is no record of Jack even attending Oxford. Timeless Truth?”

When I first read this accusation of manipulating colors, I though Jingo was complimenting my advanced skills on CSS.

Except I don’t have any.

The color changing is not a font/color emphasis, as tech-savy blog readers will note. But simply a roll-over and hyperlink.

Jingo the Jihadist seems to know little about technology.

Perhaps he will do better in politics.

From Susan Records,

The Hippocratic Oath

(An Early Version)

I will follow that system of regimen which, according to my ability and judgement, I consider for the benefit of my patients, and abstain from whatever is deleterious and mischievous. I will give no deadly medicine to any one if asked, nor suggest any such counsel; and in like manner I will not give to a woman a pessary to produce abortion.


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1 Response

  1. Brad says:

    This guy is a joke. I interviewed with him a few years ago (I’m a graphic designer) and knew instantly that he was off his rocker. Looks like anyone can be a LP candidate. I renounced my membership in the LP when I realized the joke that it was becoming, now I KNOW I was right.

    “Jingo” thinks that he is some sort of Werner Erhard/Joseph Smith/Dalai Lama mix. He has some serious narcissism issues. While I wish him all the best, I also hope he someday gets the reality check he needs.