Valerie Plame, Keeping a "Low Profile"


Joe Wilson . . . and Valerie Plame

For a woman who likes to keep a “low profile” she sure does allow some, well, interesting photographs taken of herself and her husband.

Yes, that’s Valerie Plame. . . in her jammies.

(Remember the spread in Vanity Fair?)

They are included as “People Who Mattered 2005” in Time‘s annual roundup of the year.

(via Drudge.)


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3 Responses

  1. Pat Patterson says:

    Jeez, its the Wilson and Plame pairing for an up date of the Pajama Game. Sorry, B&W therefore, The Postman Always Rings Twice. Who is going to be the dead body?

  2. MRYuill says:

    They don’t want anyone else killed, kinda late, but nice effort.

    ‘Two bad actors who need to do their time.’

    Funny google results:

    Flaming pajamas? Plane pajamas? Something about planes and plames and …………..

  3. JSC says:

    What gets me is him in a suit and tie; her in PJs — hand dramatically to the head!

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