Justification for Voting Against Alito. . .


Here’s what three of the Democratic Senators on the Judiciary Committee had to say today about Judge Alito’s performance during the hearings. . .

Senator Leahy:

You strike me as a very cautious and careful person. And I say that with admiration, because a judge should be that.

Senator Biden:

I don’t think anybody thinks you are a man lacking in integrity. I don’t think anybody thinks that you are a person who’s not independent.

and again:

The people I’ve spoken to on your court — and it’s my circuit — have a very high regard for you. And I think you’re a man of integrity.

and Biden again:

I appreciate [Judge Alito] being responsive.

Senator Durbin:

I think it’s been interesting. I think he’s made a good presentation . . . .

Sounds like good reasons to vote against someone. . . they all will.


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