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John Kerry and the Filibuster Follies

I’m just wondering who convinced John Kerry that heading up a lost-cause filibuster against Alito would make him look Presidential. I suppose the real scenario was Kate Michelman telling him that was the way...


Mrs. Alito is Human

Ian at the Political Teen has the video of Mrs. Alito’s tears today. It will break your heart to watch her try to hold tears back as Senator Graham talks about the ordeal their...


Liberal Progressives for Alito

Jim Goneia and Susan Sullivan met while clerking for Judge Alito in 1990-91. They are now married, with two children. Their 9-year-old son says, “I like Judge Alito. If it weren’t for him, I...


Biden Talking Filibuster

On Fox News Sunday, Senator Joe Biden (D-Delaware) reupped the political swagger, threatening an Alito filibuster. I still say the political math holds: they don’t have the numbers. (Tip: Drudge.)


Colbert King and the Caring Constitution

Quick question: Who wanted Judge Janice Rogers Brown on the Supreme Court? And who was it who blocked her? Let’s refresh our memory. Supporters of this highly qualified woman-who-happens-to-be-black were conservatives. Opponents were liberal...


All About Alito

Samuel Alito Looking for Alito’s opinion on, well, just about anything? It’s all right here. And I do mean “all.” The University of Michigan has been compiling Alito’s opinions and it’s a full page...