Mrs. Alito is Human



Ian at the Political Teen has the video of Mrs. Alito’s tears today. It will break your heart to watch her try to hold tears back as Senator Graham talks about the ordeal their family has gone through. I think it’s a good thing for a little humanity to break through these bloodless proceedings.

Even if the Democrats don’t have the common decency to realize that they have gone too far in their political game, they should have the political sense to realize that the cruelty of the Kabuki dance they have been subjecting the Alito’s to isn’t going to sit well with the American people.


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7 Responses

  1. judson says:

    a little humanity to break through here

    Note from Charmaine: the link goes to a picture from Getty Images of what appears to be an American soldier — only his legs and a machine gun appear — standing next to a crying, bloody, little girl, who appears to be Middle Eastern.

    Note to Judson: what’s the point?

  2. beetroot says:

    If you can’t stand the heat, stay out of the most powerful position in the land. Sheeeesh. Alito’s the guy who stuck his wife up there when he knew full well he’d be taking some tough questions about (among other things) his membership in a troglodyte kampus konservative group dedicated to getting women and minorities out of Princeton. What is this, pattycake? This is the most important job in the land and Alito has some serious stuff to defend.

    And watching that video, it almost made ME cry to hear the distinguished Republican senator using his forum to defend his sorry party’s ass against the Abramoff scandal. I paraphrase: “It makes me sick to see you smeared by unfair attacks … just like we’ll be unfairly attacked for accepting donations from someone who wasn’t what he appeared to be …” What a load of utter horsebleep.

    The word, ladies and gentlemen, is accountability. The public has the right to hold an Alito accountable for his past decisions – Vanguard, CAP, justice dept. memos, etc. And if that makes his wife cry, well, tough titty. That’s what happens when you go into public service. You don’t wanna be on TV with your laundry – dirty or clean – aired out, stay in private practice.

  3. Mike says:

    This is not a game. Alito is being evaluated for a seat on the highest court in the land. Anyone (and I do mean anyone) who would sit on that court should expect to have his/her past carefully scrutinized. If there are questionable things in that past, then things can and should get heated.

    Or does “advise and consent” simply mean “rubber stamp”?

  4. bill frist says:

    What are you talking about? Did you happen to miss what Republicans said about Miers before Republicans forced her to withdraw her nomination?

    Talk about Kabuki.

    If you people are right, how come you’re always so full of baloney?

  5. charmaine says:

    Dear “Bill Frist” — If “you people” are so right, how come you’re always afraid to use your real names?



  6. Alan says:

    Why are the freeps so afraid to boast overturning Roe v Wade

  7. Pat Patterson says:

    Crying wives make me squeamish too, except in this case the Democrats, like the tar baby from Uncle Remus, are at the point where everything they do is either lame, untimely or cruel. And the more they try to extricate themselves the worse they appear. Years ago the left seemed to have the high ground from the intellectual and moral force they had at their disposal. What I see now is a vulgar set of lightweights that can’t take a punch without appealing to the crowd for a mulligan.

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