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John LennonOn March 4, 1966, John Lennon said the Beatles were “more popular than Jesus.”


The Passion of

Kanye West In January 2006, Kanye West thinks he is Jesus.

What has changed?

And what does this mean for marketing today? Will the mocking of religious faith sell more albums DVD’s or magazines? More goods or services?


Democrat Party offeringOr persuade more voters?

fish on suburban 007.jpg

Darwin as JesusIs Maker Mocking good Marketing?

Yes. Unfortunately. For some market segments.

In any risk analysis or marketing campaign Pascal’s Wager comes into play: What do I gain? What do I lose?

The marketer appealing to this particular God-less world-view would have little fear of alienating the God-fearing folk.

The religious won’t buy. Or the conservative channel of distribution won’t carry. Reports Business Week:

Wal*Mart cites customer preferences as the reason it does not stock CDs or DVDs with parental warning stickers and why it occasionally yanks items from its removed the racy “lad” magazines Maxim, Stuff

However. The Jesus mockers’ world view is a large, liberal market segment:

Democrat Pary, pro-abortion, no church attendance, Wal*Mart hater, Bush hater, anti-Iraq war, feminists, homosexual rights, high taxes, pornography, few children.

The “few children” identifier equals high discretionary income.

So there is money to be made.

For a while.

Although the Beatles would remain together for 4 more years, the American tour that followed the Jesus incident would be their last.


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