The Carnival of the Capitalists Is Up for 6 February


The COTC is vetted, edited, posted and free. See Andrew Hughes, host duties performed flawlessly this week at Any Letter.

While at Andrew’s site, visit 16 Volts by Ilkka Kokkarinen with Some elementary marital economics:

Would you calculate the value that your car provides to you by adding up how much the same trips would have cost if you had used a professional limousine service, concluding that your car provides you hundreds of thousands of dollars of value each year? Probably not.

It took me 10 years and a million dollars in opportunity costs to help Charmaine get her Ph.D.. (And proving that money can buy happiness.) Under Kokkarinen’s outline of an absurd scenario, I could deduct this as an expense.

Anyway, Ilkka provides much the same content as Charmaine’s dissertation at a fraction of the cost. Kokkarinen could also do this in Finnish.


Brian GongolAnd visit Is Socialism Good For Environment?

For more about our talented host, Andrew Hughes, see the extended entry.


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Thank you (foot)notes:

Charmaine blogs at Reasoned Audacity and FRCBlog.

See Andrew Hughes’ inaugual post, Monday, January 31, 2005. This makes him an old-timer in the blogosphere:

First Post!

Ok, well that’s awfully cliched, but so it goes. Got this running, I’m kind of upset that Opera 8 beta didn’t work with blogger, guess I’ll be using FireThing.

This isn’t supposed to be about software. I’ll be writing about me, my girlfriend Amy, politics, and every now and then I’ll let the schizophrenic out. Mostly politics, mostly politics. I’m to the right of the spectrum, far right as far as fiscal conservatism is concerned, and farily conservative on the social side.


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