Lunch at CPAC!


Wonder Woman and Right Girl

(Gentlemen bloggers to be identified when I find my notes! Sorry.)

update: Jeff Harrell and Tom Bridge The Conservative Political Action Conference is going on here in DC this week, and bloggers were out in force. Some of the Cotillion ladies were here, so I ran over this afternoon to get a chance to meet them in person.

Wonder Woman and Right Girl have come down from Canada, while Little Miss Attila flew in from the Left Coast. We missed Attila for lunch, but Mary Katherine Ham was also there. And we were joined by LaShawn Barber and Chris Nolan. Chris agreed to be our token liberal — though never fear, we did not divulge any of the sooper seekrit right-wingnut codes.

Rob Bluey from Human Events graciously agreed to be our token male — because conservative women like men — and then even treated us all to lunch! Thanks, Rob.

LaShawn Barber

Rob Bluey and Mary Katherine Ham

Now, in the interest of national security, I really feel that I must disclose that over lunch, MK and Right Girl were developing a smuggling plot: RG would smuggle in Vanilla Coke from Canada for MK — in exchange for health care. . .

True story.


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