Media Alert: Charmaine vs CATO on Gambling on CNBC


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CNBCCharmaine will be debating gambling today, Friday at 4:30pm on CNBC. [Update: This is a time change.]

Our libertarian friends from the CATO Institute will be the pro-gambling side. The ‘do your own thing’ institute. CATO is silent on abortion. And slavery, I think.

Charmaine, who received her doctorate in government/political science from Mr. Jefferson’s University, UVA, will be challenging the convention wisdom of “gambling does no harm — harms no one.”


Thomas Jefferson

and the CATO InstituteThese are the guys who don’t like traffic control signals. Government control, you see. Encroaches too much on our personal freedom.

CATO motto: “Whatever.”


Individual Liberty

Limited Government

Free Markets and Peace

Tune in and let us know what you think. Should be a terrific conversation. Among friends.



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Thank you (foot)notes:

CATO is (usually) one of the good-guys. Nobody’s perfect.

Charmaine blogs at Reasoned Audacity and FRCBlog.


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  1. Cal Beisner says:

    Bravo, Charmaine, for taking on Cato on gambling. Most “victimless crimes” aren’t victimless, and gambling’s certainly one of them.

    But does CATO honestly oppose having traffic signals? Such a thing seems to me to be one of the classic examples of the kind of rules-of-the-road, liberty-facilitating government actions liberarians DO support.

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