Two MORE Women Die from Using RU486


Yesterday afternoon — in other words, late Friday afternoon when they hoped no one would notice — the FDA announced that two more women have died from taking RU486, the abortion pill.

Over ten years ago, I said this would happen.

The Wall Street Journal published a piece I wrote when RU486 was rushed through the FDA approval process. By the Clinton Administration. Natch.

Here’s RU-486-Sunny Rhetoric vs. Bloody Reality May, 1994.

How many times will women be used as guinea pigs? We should have learned some lessons from the Dalkon Shield, DES and maybe even breast implants…

Seriously: How many more women??!! A total of SEVEN women have died from using this drug here in the United States. Seven.

And how is the FDA responding? They are planning to hold a workshop. In May.

Jack has the full Wall Street Journal article.


Big thanks to Priests for Life for archiving the article. I had lost my copy.


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3 Responses

  1. Denise says:

    Seven? Oh my god, it’s horrible! A catastrophe! How many women have died in childbirth this year? More than seven, my dear. And how many MEN and CHILDREN have died because of the VIRUS that killed these seven women? More than seven. It is the bacteria, not the drug, that has caused these deaths.

  2. ProLifeBlogs says:

    NOW and RU486

    Notice NOW (National Organization for Women) doesn’t have one single mention of the deaths? Their symbol of the coat hanger being used for abortions is used to this day. This symbol of supposed anti-woman’s rights tyranny has never been documented…

  3. Christina says:

    Denise, your compassion is staggering.

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