Higher Education Titillation


May not be safe for work. Following pictures are from institutions of higher learning. Your boss may be a boob who wouldn’t understand.


Professor Diana York Blaine Ms. Mentor has a column in The Chronicle of Higher Education. Where she recently asked,

All right, Ms. Mentor will admit it: Many professors do behave weirdly.

I suppose. But let’s not step on on Dr. Diana York Blaine’s first amendment freedoms. Professor Blaine “teaches” women’s studies at the University of Southern California. She knows oppression when she sees it. And free expression.

She burns her bras, too. Part of her syllabus, I think.


“Art” in The Chronicle

courtesy of Edouard Duval Carrie And here is the latest from The Chronicle. Nekked women everywhere!

Ah, yes, you say, but this is art. My 12 year-old Dreamer could do better. But she’s not from the third world.

Anyway, I think the “art” is included to titillate the professors. Like the ones a-seducing Naomi Wolf wanna-bes.

And there’s more. Not just the nudie pictures. The academy is misbehaving.

On May 12, 2006, The Chronicle reports in The 7 Deadly Sins of Professors,

Lust: Affairs and adultery happen …Apparently, there are some professors who pursue students in a sexual way…

And this is bad. Not because it is wrong. Not because women are violated.

Nope. The Chronicle says that Lust is a sin because,

…the hostilities linger longer.

Professors are such a pragmatic bunch.

Ms. Mentor continues, “But who shows academics how to behave properly?”

It sounds like the professors needed parents who would do some paddling.

Or a lawsuit would do. Professor R. Igor Gamow was actually fired by the University of Colorado for “moral turpitude.” For raping a Dana Ruehlman. She got a huge cash award.

But the court case is confusing. To normal non-academics, at least. She was raped some 80 times between 1995 and 1998.

Sex 80 times.

Every other week for three years Dana and Igor made whoopi. It was not reported what locations they favored.

Or if Dana may have driven by a police station for a tryst with the monsterous rapist Igor. The horror! The trauma! The academy.

So they had sex 80 times. She gets $285,000. And here we are. The University is merely a pimp supported by taxpayers.

That fired the john.

The Chronicle reports on the convicted rapist that,

Mr. Gamow, whose father, a physicist, helped develop the Big Bang…

I’ll say.

Your tuition dollars at work.


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