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Andrew von Eschenbach

acting FDA Commissioner Dr. von Eschenbach is a nice guy. He really, really cares about people. Cares about suffering. Ridding the world of misery. He’s such a contradiction: compassion from a Bush appointee? How, do you wonder, could a guy like this ever be a conservative?

Well…he’s not.

Von Eschenbach and his wife Madelyn gave $1,000 to SHEILA JACKSON LEE FOR CONGRESS in 2000, the 18th in Houston. Alert Texans will know that Missouri City, where von E hails, is a suburb of Houston.

von E is in trouble, as he should be, over his friends and the acid affects of Plan B.


NOW President Kim Gandy joined

Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee (D-Texas)

and Rep. Louise Slaughter (D-N.Y.)

at a May 12 news conference

criticizing the FDA’s decision to

block easier access to

emergency contraception.

Photo by Lisa BennettJackson Lee is one of the most liberal democrats on the planet, or Texas, whichever is larger, and the von Eschenbach’s love her. Four figure’s worth. SHEILA JACKSON LEE FOR CONGRESS: Abortion, Acid, Amnesty: a Jimmy Carter do-over in a do-rag. (If do-rag is politically incorrect, would somebody please tell Your Business Blogger? Charmaine is out of town.) (But the kids got fed.) (I think.)

So there is little inconsistency in von E’s position on providing powerful drugs over the counter to little girls. von E is in complete agreement with abortion money maker Planned Parenthood. Normally a physician with four kids doesn’t hang (politically) with abortion providers. But von E swings both ways contributing to both political parties. He’s got all the angles covered. A terrific politician. Who serves at the Pleasure of the President and supports abortion Democrats. And Plan B.

Tony Perkins, at the Family Research Council says,

Barr Laboratories is moving toward a compromise with the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) on a “dual track” distribution of the so-called Plan B “emergency contraceptive.” Barr has modified its push for over-the-counter (OTC) sales to females age 16 and over and now will limit sales to females 18 and over.

But Plan B is a powerful PILL. And the Pill requires a doctor’s prescription. Plan B wouldn’t. Perkins continues,

Barr is in the drug business so its position is understandable. What’s not understandable is why acting FDA Commissioner Dr. Andrew von Eschenbach, a Bush appointee, would go along with Barr’s plan. There are problems with this “compromise”: the health affects of these mega doses of birth control are unknown, and a dual track for distribution is unprecedented and unenforceable. Does anyone think that Planned Parenthood, which distributes Plan B, would conscientiously require prescriptions before giving it to minors?

Don’t count on the wisdom of Planned Parenthood. Even though they get hundreds of millions of your tax dollars.

Tony Perkins reminds us that,

This clearly is inconsistent with the Bush administration’s effort to advance a Culture of Life. We continue to oppose OTC distribution of Plan B–and we oppose the confirmation of Dr. von Eschenbach as FDA Commissioner.

Ronald Reagan suggested that Personnel is Policy. A policy lesson lost on this administration.


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