An Emergency Room & Sarah Palin


The Dude is competing for first string quarterback on his football team. But the coach needed him for a defensive play. The Dude went in. The play came his way. The Dude maneuvered for the open field tackle.


hand_broken_dude_fivefinger_2008.jpg Later in the ER The Dude asks, “When can we call mom?”

The Dude’s right hand

Charmaine was in St. Paul for the Republican National Convention last Thursday. “Let’s call her when we have some information about your hand,” I said.

The trainer splinted-up his dominant right hand and said it was probably broken. “X-Rays will give us something positive…” negative, “to tell her.”

The first rule of marriage for men is knowing when to keep your mouth shut.

“Let’s not worry mom…until we have to,” I said. “The more information we can give her, the better we all will feel.” The Dude understood. Uncertainty causes the real pain in life.

While The Dude was dealing with his pain, we all in the ER were subjected to a more intense pain: Keith Olbermann on MSNBC.

While waiting in the ER Keith Olbermann was complaining that the RNC showed footage of The Towers going down. This reminded us all that we are at war and maybe we still need a war leader. Rather than talk about Obama’s inexperience, Olbermann was miffed that such carnage would be replayed reminding us we live in a dangerous world.

But I think Olbermann was really upset about Sarah Palin.

hand_broken_dude_knucke_2008.jpg No one in the elite circles or the media (redundant, I know) understands Sarah and Todd Palin and their five kids.

The Palins are on a family mission.

Somewhat like the Blues Brothers, they are on a mission from God. Our liberal friends do not quite understand this. The Christian prays for guidance and accountability.

The Dude’s forefinger knuckle — note chip on side

Big families know this sense of purpose and the marriage partner who happens to get the ball, get the call goes into the game.

Todd is not the VP nominee. Sarah is.

I am not a CEO. Charmaine is.

Real men understand the talent and the gifts that only women have can be used in these unusual times. Like the ancient Jewish judge, Deborah, Sarah is being lifted up to help John McCain get the country on the right track; to bring the country to victory over evils foreign and domestic.

The American people understand this and love Sarah Palin.

Feminists understand this and hate Sarah Palin.


The story has a happy ending:

The Dude made the tackle.

Keith Olbermann got fired.

Sarah Palin will be elected.


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Not everyone who appears on MSNBC is an elitist.


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5 Responses

  1. Rita says:

    Loved your comment about Sarah being a “Deborah” raised up to do a particular work for God. Certainly what I’ve been thinking for some time!

    But does anyone dare say this outloud?

  2. Dave says:

    Is Sarah Palin a true Christian?

    Does she really believe in the teachings of Jesus Christ? Can she pass the Jesus Test?

    Take the Jesus Test to find out if you are a true Christian at

  3. Mary Valance says:

    Though you promote your hypocritical views as christian followers, everything your website shows and depicts dominate hate and disgust for others who have differing views.

    Let’s suppose a 15 year old orphan girl gets pregnant from being raped, are you going to obligate this child to carry on the pregnancy when she herself is a child with no opportunities afforded to her?

    Good for you to have 5 children, that’s your f**k*ng [unlady-like word edited] choice!!! Don’t promote your stupid views on others who may not be as fortunate.


  4. Michele says:

    Mary — Why the personal attack on the Yoests? If you are confident in your argument, you shouldn’t have to resort to name-calling.

    Why should one class of persons — in this case women — have absolute and complete power over another class of person — the unborn? This same use of arbitrary power was outlawed over a hundred years when slavery was abolished.

    Also, as an aside, the Christian Church is commanded to care for widows and orphans, so the notion that an orphan would have no resources is false. I can think of several places off the top of my head that a girl in such an awful situation could get help.

    Michele Jones

  5. Jack Yoest says:

    Mary, your world view is going to make finding common ground somewhat difficult…

    But let us try.

    Let us do agree that parents should know if an underage daughter is going to have surgery.

    Over 80 percent of the American public believes that parents should be notified if a minor daughter is going to have an abortion. Current parental notification laws also have a judicial bypass — the girl can go to a judge if she feels that she cannot go to her parents.

    Even Obama supporters can see the logic in parental notification laws. Don’t you agree?

    Unfortunately, if Obama is elected, all state-level parental notification laws would be struck down under the first bill Obama wants to sign: the Freedom of Choice Act (FOCA).

    Thank you for commenting…I think,