Correction: John Aravosis is not always a Jerk


Your Business Blogger unjustly suggested that John Aravosis at AmericaBlog had deliberately, with malice aforethought, deleted a photo of Charmaine he took during the G-8 and blow up of 7.7 in London last year. I was looking for that particular shot of Charmaine, but I lost my copy. (I’m looking for a way to blame the kids.)

John, in an email exchange, becomes unhinged, as liberals are known to do and calls me a “goof.” The slander! The hate! l’insulte!

And then he asks me for the photo when I find it. John smugly assumed that I had it stored in some hidden folder and that I would eventually uncover it.


I found it.


John, here’s your copy.

I goofed.


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Thank you (foot)notes:

John was right about the picture location; he’s right that it’s a great shot. But he’s wrong on everything else.


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