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National Review Online So Charmaine gets bumped and dumped from Bill O’Reilly on Fox. She was to debate the Foley fallout. But a plane crashing into a building in New York City might command better ratings and revenues.

But no matter. We skip over to NRO’s open bar bash at Charlie Palmer’s Steakhouse in Washington, DC. They are celebrating their 10th Anniversary.

“Hey,” I say to Charmaine. “Look-it who’s here!” I’m moving into the swarm of 500, leaning forward.

She says, “Yes, Romney’s straight ahead.”

“No,” as I push Laura Ingraham aside. (She looks marvelous.) She topples over Rebecca Hagelin from Heritage, spilling a drink on Kathryn Lopez. I dodge Rich Lowery. I’m almost there.

Charmaine’s got my coattail telling me to stop. My target’s in range. Jonah Goldberg and Kate O’Beirne start backing away. But it’s not them I’m after. Elaine Donnelly is off to the side wondering why she ever retained me…

I push the other groupies away — and fall at his feet and grovel. Paul Mirengoff, from Powerline looks down benignly. (This supplication happens quite a bit.) “Yes, my son…”

“Paul,” I beg, “Please link to me.

I could see a kind look in his eye before security rudely pulls me off. Liberal union thugs.

But it was a great evening, anyway.


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Thank you (foot)notes:

The National Review Institute wishes to thank the following organizations and individuals for participating in and sponsoring this special celebration at the jump.


Amazing Grace (the movie)

Blank Rome

Chase Field


National Media Inc

The Thomas More College

CRC Public Relations

Young America’s Foundation


Radio America


Evangelicals for Mitt

The Heritage Foundation

Institute for Justice

NewsMax Media

Thomas B. Fordham

State Policy Network


Susan B. Anthony List

Ann D. and Mitt Romney Charitable Foundation

The William E. Simon Foundation

The Polling Company

Mr. Frank Hanna

Mr. Christopher DeMuth

The Galen Institute

The Family Research Council


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