GodBlogCon: Bridging the Christian Divide


Have arrived at GodBlogCon at Biola University. . . (note to self: do not try to land in LA at 4 PM in the afternoon, as we did last night!) First plenary panel — Bridging the Christian Divide, with FRC’s own Joe Carter, also of Evangelical Outpost.

In the midst of a conversation about why we blog, how we communicate online and who “belongs” in the Christian community, Joe made this trenchant observation:

If we want to be graceful bloggers, we need to be more graceful Christians. We come to conferences like this looking for technological solutions, when what we need is a spiritual solution. . . it’s hard to hide who you really are online. It’s your words.


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  1. Jack Yoest says:

    Charmaine, that is good advice from Joe.

    Because everything one writes is a reflection for good…or ill.

    As Jim Webb is finding out in his senate race with George Allen.

    If Webb loses, it will be in no small part to his writing porno passages in his many books.

    Who wants a pornographic writer as senator?

    Do NOT go to Drudge and read the icky parts.


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