The Frugal Mechanic Fixes A Flat



The Dude pulls out

the offending nail This is a cross post from The Dude’s Panzer Commander. Alert Readers will note his new Google Ads.

Fix a Flat

Today, I was really bummed out. The warm weather was gone and with it, 1 air-filled tire in The Business Blogger’s 1987 Mercedes. So, we couldn’t use the Mercedes for the day. But thanks to Fix a Flat (this is a non-paid advertisement) My father and I were able to fix the tire in 20 minutes.

The instructions were:

(1) If possible, remove foreign object from flat tire( it happened to be a short nail; easy to pull out with pliers)

(2)Shake can vigorously for 30 seconds before screwing on the nozzle to tire valve.

(3)If possible, move car slightly so that the tire valve is in the 6 o’ clock position. Screw the plastic nozzle clockwise on to the tire valve with can upside down and vertically aligned to the tire valve system. Contents of can will automatically discharge into tire.


The Dude applies the fix(4)After can has discharged, unscrew nozzle.

(5)Watch to make sure rim is lifted off the ground.

(6)Only if rim is off ground, DRIVE VEHICLE IMMEDIATELY a short distance-2 to 4 miles, (dang, then whats a long distance???) to allow tire pressure to increase (???) and sealant to spread evenly inside tire.

So, the fix a flat thing works, so use it if you got a flat. But one question you might ask… “why not use the spare?” Well, I used the spare one time with my father, it took at least a day or 2. But the Fix a Flat really saves you that trouble, and time of changing a flat.



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