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WebLog Award Results

Best Business Blogs The results are in and Club for Growth runs away with the top honor.

This is due in no small measure to my every-Tuesday-lunch-buddy Andrew Roth who runs Government Affairs for the Club for Growth, here in Your Nation’s Capital.

But if there was an award for Class Act, it would go to Tom Blumer at BizzyBlog.

He would be an accountant Your Business Blogger could trust.


Tom Blumer, CPA

And so should you.

Thank you (foot)notes:

See more on Andrew Roth and Tom Blumer at the jump

From Club for Growth,

Andrew Roth

Andrew Roth, age 33, is currently Director of Government Affairs at the Club for Growth, a non-profit political organization whose members help elect candidates to Congress who support the Reagan vision of lower taxes and limited government.

Previously, Mr. Roth was a securities trader for an established broker-dealer in Omaha, Nebraska. At that time, Mr. Roth was also the owner and publisher for The Iron Fist of Capitalism, a website that analyzed supply-side economics and its positive effects on national politics and the financial markets.

Mr. Roth graduated from the University of Kansas in 1996 with a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration. He is currently seeking his Master’s degree in economics at George Mason University in Fairfax, Virginia.

From BizzyBlog,

I’m a CPA (that’s Certified Public Accountant, or Can’t Please Anyone, depending on how things are going) in Mason, Ohio. I run my own business, Monetary Matters. I present workshops on money management, retirement, and investing at companies, and have done so since 1991. I don’t sell or support investment, insurance, or financial products (i.e., I’m not a financial planner).

What’s the Blog Going to Cover?

The blog will:

+Communicate basic and important information and correct common misconceptions about how the business and financial world work.

+ Advocate and defend free-market approaches to solving the major economic challenges facing us, particularly in Social Security, the retirement system, health care, and education.

+ Point out when those whose job it is to report on business and the economy either misreport events, distort the truth, or simply fail to tell us what’s really happening.

+ Point out when those who supposedly believe in the free-market system are letting it down or abusing it to take advantage of the ignorant and ill-informed.

+ Provide tips to consumers to help them save money and protect what they have.

+ Let me vent on any topic I think readers are or should be interested in.

+ (can’t forget this) Pay for itself by provide links to my “day job” web sites:

++ Monetary Matters, my training business

++ Control Your Money NOW!, my web-based budgeting model.

Why Are You Doing This?

Because I’m really bothered by a number of things I can do something about, namely:

+ The K-12 and postsecondary education systems are doing a simply awful job of teaching the basics about the economy, money, and personal finance.

+ The business press, which used to do a pretty decent job of telling people what is going on in the financial world, has really dropped the ball during the last 20 years or so. This is due to a combination of ignorance about and bias against the free-market system.

+ Thanks to the first two reasons, even a lot of really smart people don’t know some very fundamental and important things about how the economy and the business world work.

Secondarily, the blog is here because I feel I may have a point to make about what’s going on in the world in general, and I need an occasional outlet. This blog is that outlet.

Finally (and of course), I expect over time to get additional speaking and web-based business in the process.


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    Thanks for the nice words. Merry Christmas!