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to be finalist in the 2006 WebLog Awards The Carnival is hosted by Nehring The Edge.

And while there be sure to read the review on Humanity and Paper Balloons at Westminster Wisdom. Brits have always been talented writers and playwrights — re: Shakespeare.

My only disappointment is that Gracchi doesn’t pretend to have all the answers. And that questionable ad for Amnesty International…

More on Gracchi at the jump.

From Gracchi

Tiberius and Gaius Gracchus were Roman politicians and brothers who campaigned for the rights of Plebeians against the senatorial classes in the mid second century BC. This blog is about politics. But its about politics in its widest possible sense- looking at movies and books as well for their ideas about politics. Scanning scholarship for what it says and generally being liberal in its interpretation of the word. This is a British blog, written by born and bred Londoners, though it aspires to have some interesting things to say about international politics- particularly American, European and Middle Eastern. Hopefully given time more Chinese and Japanese content will come on line as your bloggers learn more- at the moment we consider ourselves too ignorant to blog about the far East. This blog is not doctrinaire- we don’t claim to have the right answer


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