Vote Results Protecting Marriage as Between One Man & One Woman: The Scorecard



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and CharmaineThe gay marriage scorecard shows that the nation prefers marriage to be between one man and one woman.

Heterosexuals, 28; vs.

Homosexuals, Transgender, Bi-Sexual, Bigamists,

National Man-Boy Love Association, 1

Yes, that’s 28 to 1.

27 of 28 public debates on marriage were decisively won by traditional marriage proponents.

Only voters in Arizona voted wrong.

Protecting Marriage as Between One Man & One Woman

Prior to 2004

Alaska (1998) 68%

Hawaii (1998) 69%

Nebraska (2000) 70%

California (2000) 91%*

*California’s statewide ballot measure, Prop. 22, enacted a new state law protecting marriage, rather than a constitutional amendment.


Arkansas 75%

Georgia 77%

Kentucky 75%

Louisiana 78%

Michigan 59%

Mississippi 86%

Missouri 71%

Montana 66%

N. Dakota 73%

Ohio 62%

Oklahoma 76%

Oregon 58%

Utah 66%


Kansas 75%

Texas 75%

Alabama 81%


Tennessee 81%

Colorado 56%

Idaho 63%

S. Carolina 78%

S. Dakota 52%

Virginia 57%

Wisconsin 59%



Minnesota (’07)

Indiana (’08)

Massachusetts (’08)

Pennsylvania (’09)


California (’08)

Florida (’08)

(Bolded states went for Kerry in 2004. Proving that voters may be confused about liberals, but not about marriage.)

Thank you (foot)notes:

The Cumulative Chart is the work of David E. Smith, Executive Director of the Illinois Family Institute. A family policy council that counts.

Human Resource Management Tip: Hire the homosexual? Maybe, but be slow to award “partner” benefits. The public and, I dare say, stockholders, prefer traditional marriage.


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