MEDIA ALERT: Charmaine on Squawk Box on CNBC Against Online Gambling


Legalize Poker on-Line

An ounce of appearance is worth a pound of performance, my Army buddies would often joke.

But this video clip brings the ditty to life. Charmaine, seen here, is the angel of light and brillance and reason and hope.

She was debating Howard Lederer, All-star professional poker player, who is lobbying Capitol Hill to legalize poker on the internet.

Howard Lederer is the ideal type-cast as a poker player: unkempt hair, ill fitting suit, a gentleman who should stand a little closer to his shaving razor. At least he wasn’t wearing sun glasses…

Some 85% of communication is non verbal. This debate is the kind of test Roger Ailes would often use to evaluate talking heads for the small screen.

Ailes would watch the talent on his hotel TV the night before the appointment — with the sound off — and if Ailes caught himself, unconsciencely wanting to turn up the sound, he knew he had a real candidate to work with to make a difference.

Ailes judged people, well, on sight. Then sound.

Howard Lederer looks like a villian, a con-man, a tempter — a poker player — something unsavory out of a Frank Peretti novel.

Charmaine is heavenly, of course.


Thank you (foot)notes:

Full Disclosure: Charmaine is the wife of Your Business Blogger.

Roger Ailes was the creator of Squawk Box while at CNBC, before he moved to FOX.

The PPA, Poker Players Alliance, advertising on the Gambling Blog wants more gambling.

No one used the euphemism “gaming” instead of the accurate word “gambling.” Maybe those guys are not so smart after all.

Frank Peretti blogs at Peretti’s Blog.


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1 Response

  1. Stacy Harp says:

    Good debate as usual. However, Howard obviously isn’t aware of the prevalence of crime within the home. I think he needs to

    become more informed about the sex slave trade and online porn

    so that he can see there is a huge correlation between crime

    and the home, not to mention

    of course these other crimes exist for the money.