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Charmaine appeared on C-SPAN’s Saturday Journal opposite Jodi Longo from the Blame-America-First-communists at Amnesty International USA. This was taped about a hundred years ago, back in the days of Fax Machines and horse cavalry — see a much younger Charmaine in action.


Timothy Leary

1920 to 1996 The segment starts with a remembrance of Timothy Leary. Timothy (never “Tim”) Leary died in 1996. He’s best remembered for the phrase “Turn on, tune in, drop out.”

And nothing else.

The debate continues with the news that the PG County school supervisor thinks that “it is in the best interests of the children” to disinvite Justice Clarence Thomas to speak to the predominately black school district. A decade later, PG County schools still stink have the lowest test scores and highest rates of violence than any county in America. PG County is located near DC in bluestate Maryland. We lived there and moved away to Virginia. Fast. As most people are.


Mother in the Middle

Searching for Peace

in the Mommy Wars

published by HarperCollins There is an extended debate on Hillary Rodham (!) Clinton and working women. As usual, Charmaine’s predictions have come true.


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