MEDIA ALERT: Charmaine MSNBC: Does Miss USA Deserve a Second Chance?



Tara Conner Miss USA 2006

Reuters reports, “Fallen beauty queen, Miss USA Tara Conner, said she had witnessed abuse as a child and that may have driven her into a life of alcohol and drugs — but she still believed she could be a good role model.”

Tara is right. These women are role models. The kids and the country look up to them.

Of course, if we lose the global war on terror, all the beauty queens will be wearing burkas…just like my daughters.

Does Tara deserve her tiara? Are there second acts? Is there redemption?

Or will Tara Conner simply burn in Hell?

[Joke, that was a JOKE — ed]

Tune in and let us know what you think. Hit time is 3pm EST, today on MSNBC.


Thank you (foot)notes:

What’s the difference between Miss American and Miss USA anyway?

From The Washington Post, “Fresh out of rehab, Miss USA Tara Conner is doing interviews this week with People and NBC’s “Today” admitting that she dabbled in cocaine.”


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