Charmaine to Speak at Harvard


Charmaine will be speaking at the Second Annual Conservative Women’s Conference at Harvard University in Cambridge, Massachuetts on February 24, 2007.

The Alert Reader will note conservative and Harvard in the same sentence.

Who knew?

Alert the media.

Charmaine’s talk will be A Higher Ambition: Women at the Intersection of Sex, Power and Purpose.

Other good-guys scheduled to speak at the conference:

Kerry Healey (Lt. Governor of Massachusetts, 2003-07, candidate for MA Governor, 2006)

Chriss Winston (first woman to head the White House Office of Speech Writing as Deputy Assistant to the President for Communications and Director of Speech Writing for President George H.W. Bush)

Kathryn Lopez, Editor, National Review Online. Her topic will be “Speaker Pelosi Does Not Speak for Me.”

Women in the Military (tentative): Captain Kristin Hort, USAF

Women in Academia: (tentative) Mary Keys, 2006-07 Visiting

Women in MA Government: Christina Bain, Executive Director for the Governor’s Commission on Sexual and Domestic Violence

“Pro-Life and Pro-Woman”: Linda Thayer, Massachusetts Citizens for Life

Panel on Balancing Family and a Career in Public Service

Carrie Severino, HLS graduate and clerk for Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas

Dr. Mildred Jefferson, retired surgeon and former chair of the National Right to Life Committee

Greer Swiston, Commissioner, Massachusetts Commission on the Status of Women, Candidate for State Representative from Newton


Harvard University

But even with this august panel, expect no real changes at Harvard with the new incoming president, the first female in its herstory. Drew Gilpin Faust comes from Radford and is a former director of the Women’s Studies Program at the University of Pennsylvania. See a course sampling at the footnotes: Liberals simply cannot help themselves.

Faust’s strongest credential is growing up in Virginia.


Thank you (foot)notes:

From the organizers,

The purpose of the conference is to provide conservative, college-aged women with the opportunity to hear from women who are successfully countering the liberal environments that surround them. Young women, especially on the Harvard campus, are often assumed to be liberal feminists; our conference aims to dispel this unfortunate myth.

Be sure to read liberal feminist president Drew Gilpin Faust’s Mingling Promiscuously: A History of Women and Men at Harvard.

The New York Times refers to the new president as Chainsaw Drew (which Your Business Blogger likes) and that she, “…[H]ad dialogues with [her] dead mother over the 40 years since she died.” Your Business Blogger has an occasional monologue with my dead dad, but he has not yet dialogued back.

Drew Gilpin Faust was the director of the The Women’s Study Program at Penn. Higher education course offerings as,

THEORIES OF GENDER AND SEXUALITY — …we will turn to contemporary debates about the limits of transgender identity, gay pride and gay shame, the commodification of identity, the meaning of “queer,” [the Q-word used in the syllabus, no hate mail, please]

WOMEN: US HISTORY 1865-PRESENT — …women’s liberation, and gay rights…

SCIENCE OF SEX & SEXUALITY — “On Being Male, Female, neither or both” concluded … with the following statement: “The definition of sex was (and is) still up for grabs.” In our post-modern world, we have become accustomed to the malleability of gender identity and sexuality. We are also aware that individuals undergo sex reassignment surgeries but by large we assume that transgender people are transitioning from one discrete category to another. Queer activists certainly challenge this assumption, preferring to envision sex, gender, and sexuality on a continuum, but these days even scientists don’t concur about a definitive definition of sex…

KING KONG: MONSTERS & THEIR BRIDES — This course will incorporate a historical overview of gender, sexuality, race, and religion in monster images…

Higher Education in America?


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  1. Your Business Blogger has an occasional monologue with my dead dad, but he has not yet dialogued back.

    And aren’t you glad of that!

  2. Jack says:

    Professor, you are so right: to hear my dad’s voice now would compete with all those other voices…


  3. JIm Joyce says:

    Every woman in America should have a copy of “THE FEMINISTS”

    Go to: undergroundfreedom

    This is the most explosive expose’ of the 21st Century. Get it. Read it and promote it. For the first time go on the offensive and make Americans understand who these people are and why every American woman, her daughters and granddaughters are so at risk.


    James E. Joyce, author