MSNBC Charmaine will be on Dayside News with Contessa Brewer. Charmaine will be reviewing those parenting skills useful between parent and child.

Starting with the fact that the parent is the adult.



L to R: Cohen, Clinton, Albright, Sandy Berger

Backgrounder is AP story Adults are urged to take a parental role

Hit time is 1:15 on MSNBC.

She will then be on Fox at 1:40 debating that latest news on Day Care from the NIH.


Thank you (foot)notes:

Backstory on the Clinton photo:

PBS took the Hear no evil, speak no evil…” photo of clinton/cohen/albright/berger from it’s site! — from comments on Free Republic

Secretary of Defense Cohen, Impeached Bill Clinton, Albright, and long-accepted CODE-level thief

and document destroyer National Security Adviser Sandy Berger,

holding court in the Ronald Reagan Building on April 25, 1999

The Impeached Bill Clinton: “We were all making comments

we shouldn’t have about how the meeting was getting very boring.

So finally we decided we had to make like the monkey. Cohen

started this ‘hear no evil,’ and then I was next so I spoke no evil,

then Madeleine saw no evil, so Sandy Berger said, ‘I’m evil.'” –

If you are in Northern Virginia, be sure to come to McLean Bible Church and watch The Diva sing at 6:30pm.


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2 Responses

  1. Pat Patterson says:

    well, at least the photo didn’t show Amb. Berger in an Al Bundy pose.

  2. David says:

    I love your site design especially the header. The content’s not bad either. 🙂