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Penta-Posse at the Grand Canyon

Easter 2005 In this political season, every Presidential Candidate will be in church on Easter.

A photo op, if nothing else.

Two Easters back we traveled west on business and celebrated Easter in Arizona.

Your Business Blogger had the Family celebrate our Faith with tax supported Freedom at the government owned and operated Grand Canyon.

I remember asking the officiating pastor at Sunrise Service if liberals were attempting to shut down the event at Mather Point. Church/State and all that.

He said, “We’ve been having [Easter sunrise service] for decades. No one has bothered us.” Preaching on public land. Imagine.

Alert the (main stream) media. Call the ACLU.

The sponsoring church secures the permit and 1,600 people show up well before dawn. To watch the sun rise.

Which makes for the perfect photo op.

Be sure to visit Pro-Life News. To see this Faith in action.


Pro-Life News TV

See the press release at the jump.


Thank you (foot)notes:

Full Disclosure: Peter Shinn at Pro-Life News TV is the tech-guru for Your Business Blogger.

Easter at the Grand Canyon? Maybe not necessary…Finding God in a Technical Memo.

Grassroots Pro-Life Effort Calls for Monthly Nationwide Participation

Contact: Peter Shinn, 703.787.8723, email Peter here.

WASHINGTON, Apr. 6 Christian Newswire A grassroots nationwide monthly effort is taking place today, Friday, April 6th 2007. The project, called MonthlyCallForLife.com, encourages Pro-Life people to contact their representatives on the first Friday of every month in order to ask them to oppose abortion and human killing research.

Information is available on the website which helps locate the proper representative, what they might want to say to them and when to call.

Peter Shinn, founder of MonthlyCallForLife.com state,

MonthlyCallForLife.com was created so that the people of America could speak up regularly for the first right which is declared in the Declaration of Independence, namely the ‘Right to Life’, without which we cannot have ‘Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness’. On the first Friday of every month, we unite and ‘Call for Life’ to help bring an end to abortion and challenge the culture of death.

MonthlyCallForLife.com is a grassroots project growing in America, without corporate funding or donations, to help the unborn.

Peter Shinn is the Technical Director for NationalProLifeRadio.net, the founder of ProLifeNews.tv, which is the largest nationwide Multimedia Pro-Life News source and ProLifeUnity.com. He is also the Program Manager for Faith and Action Live, the weekly radio and Internet TV broadcast for Faith and Action, which is broadcast from Our Nation’s Capital.

To contact Peter Shinn for more information or interviews please call 703.787.8723 or send an email.


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2 Responses

  1. Jill says:

    I would have left this comment on the 4/05 post re: Easter sunrise but I couldn’t find a “comment” button!

    I don’t know if either of you have ever been to Israel or the Mt. Sinai, but I would urge you to go sometime. Your description of waking up at 3am to go to the sunrise service parallels the experience many people of many faiths, and probably a good number of those with no faith that has a name we’d recognize, have at Mt. Sinai.

    Mine occurred in December 1984. My younger brother was visiting me for two weeks in Israel (I was there on a volunteer program I learned about at Georgetown – Sherut La’am) and the Sinai was still part of Israel (it became Egypt in the summer of 85 I believe).

    We went on a tiyul into the Sinai, I think it was a three or four day thing, sleeping in Bedouin tents and so on. And it included ascending by foot to the top of Mt. Sinai before sunrise. You can see pictures from that morning here.

    Now – there was no service, it wasn’t a particular holiday (secular new years and Chanuka excluded) but it was a religious experience for me just the same.

    Should the service you attended on the Grand Canyone be allowed? I have no problem with it – but I would only want to be sure that anyone and everyone who wants the same would also get the permit. Are national parks in the habit of not allowing such things? I’m not familiar with that, but I see church and other kinds of picnics in our municipally run parks all over NE Ohio. So long as there is equal access, I fail to see that as government endorsement of religion – so long as there isn’t selective exclusion.

    If there are such cases, I hope you’ll point to them – I’m often called naive.

    Have a lovely holiday – we have several inches of snow here – no community Easter Egg Hunt – outdoors anyway.

    Ironically, the smell of the simmering matzah balls I’m making is permeating my workspace as I type this!

  2. Jill says:

    I must have mixed up my html because the word “here” where there is supposed to be a picture of Mt. Sinai doesn’t work. Here’s the URL:


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