MEDIA ALERT: Charmaine on NPR Debating Partial Birth Abortion




National Public Radio Charmaine will be on NPR radio this afternoon.

She will be discussing the future of abortion. And the partial birth abortion Supreme Court decision.

Your Business Blogger was able to listen in on Charmaine’s side of the pre-interview conversation she had with the NPR booker/producer.

One of the subtle forms of media bias we confront directly is with credentials. Charmaine is usually addressed as “Mrs. Yoest” or as “Charmaine.”

But seldom as “Dr. Yoest.” The liberals on the other side are always, always deferred to with an honorific. The liberals will be addressed, for example, as “Dr. Sam Smith.”


Charmaine on ABC sans Ph.D. So Charmaine goes thru the dance of reminding the bookers at liberal media outlets that a Ph.D. is a terminal degree on par with an M.D..

Or she would rather not go on. Contrary to the “sex and TV” advice from Gore Vidal (see #8).

But sometimes, no — most times — the liberal media will “forget” and revert to the first name for (pro-life) “Charmaine.”

And for the liberal (pro-abortion) guest: “The Honorable, Doctor Grand-PuBa of Abortion Providers, Dr. Sam Smith.”

Tune in today and listen to learn if NPR lives up to their side of the pre-interview contract.

And let us know how it sounded to you. Was NPR biased…or fair and balanced?

Hit time is 3:00pm, today on your local NPR station. See local stations.

Here in the DC area turn to WAMU at 88.5 or WETA at 90.9 on your FM dial. Or tune in the 24-hour Program Stream

And you won’t have to miss a minute of Rush Limbaugh…


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3 Responses

  1. M says:

    Thank you for having a member of FRC on NPR today.

    The case for PBA [partial birth abortion] was

    made for more than 20 minutes before FRC was able to respond and about

    20 minutes after the member of FRC left. [Dr. Yoest] from FRC was very articulate and I was proud of her. Thank you for

    continuing to fight for unborn babies. God Bless You!

  2. Jack says:

    Dear H., you will also have noticed that they called her “Charmaine” and not “Dr. Yoest” as previously agreed as a condition for going on air.

    Not that we would ever expect a liberal to keep their word. The ten commandments are merely suggestions to that world view.



  3. Marshall says:

    What bothered me about the segment was the representative bias. It was like listening to Real-Time with Bill Maher, where they have a panel stacked with “progressives” and one conservative. Also, the “progressive” activist opinions were unchallenged. Where was the medical doctor for the other side of the debate? Thank you Dr. Yoest for appearing on the show anyway.

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