Hillary Clinton’s Sister Souljah Moment?


The girls from the Family Research Council put on a show.

Hillary hypocrisy: Imus bad, Timbaland good,

Senator Clinton finds herself at the posh house of rapper Timbaland, who raised $800,000 for Senator Clinton’s committee. Timbaland’s lyrics, however, are quite “small-minded” and coarsely sexist. The Washington Post reprinted some of Timbaland’s lyrics and in just four lines, the word “ho’s” appears four times.

So FRC suggested that concerned citizens contact Hillary and request that she not support vulgar and profane lyrics,

E-mail the Hillary for President Exploratory Committee offices at http://www.hillaryclinton.com/help/contact/ and ask her to return the $800,000 she received with Timbaland’s help.

And it seems the Clinton Exploratory Committee is upset with the FRC and is responding in kind with cussing,

In the alert we included the only visible e-mail address on Clinton’s web site so that our friends could contact her office and ask her to return the Timbaland proceeds. The reaction from her campaign was both swift and surprising, considering that it included even more profanity than a Timbaland song. The recipient of thousands of your e-mails at the campaign was extremely upset–and he let us know in language so offensive the FCC would blush. Does anyone else see the irony in Clinton’s committee using profanity to defend profanity?

The only thing that counts with Clinton is cash. Your Business Blogger predicts that Hillary will keep the 800 large. And her negatives will remain high.

The good guys might win yet.

And its not just because our women are better looking…

See the Timbaland lyrics at the jump. Caution: offensive language. No, I don’t mean the failure to conjugate verbs.

From The Washington Post

Check out Timbaland’s latest album, “Timbaland Presents Shock Value.”

Here are lyrics from the track “Come and Get Me”:

“Nigga Your Time Is Up, I Aint Come To Kid You

I Knew You Niggas Was Dumb, But How Dumb Is You . . .

I’m A Ride Or Die Nigga, I Be Tearing [expletive] Up

We Aint Like Them Other Fools, Who Don’t Compare To Us

All The Hoes Love A Nigga, They be Backing It Up

But Me I Love Money I Be Stacking It Up . . .

I’m Rich I Can Pay To Have You Six Feet Deep (Nigga)”

And from his track “Kill Yourself”:

” . . . most of u rap niggas is hoes to me,

wherever u from

the question I ask

is do u think I give a [expletive] . . .

u mad at me? cuz im getting rich,

well put the pistol to ur head and empty the clip, pop nigga!”

And how about this little ditty, “Considerate Brotha,” from an earlier recording:

“. . . Hoes coming up short? Hoes finna get cursed out!

. . . Slam the mask out of these hoes and they say, ‘What is that, velvet?’

And they betta meet they quota, betta yet betta meet they deadline . . . I’m a pimp all around

A pimp of the town — we pimpin ’em up, HOES DOWN.”


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