Max Blumenthal Gets A Lesson In Web Etiquette


GOP Presidential Debate Smackdown? Nope. The buzz is on Blumenthal.

Max meant to be snarky. But comes off stupid silly. Or worse: An amateur.

Blumenthal on the Huffington Post hotlinked to a picture on the Family Research Council web site. Max is ‘borrowing’ server space. Not really a big deal…just bad form.

Joe Carter and Jared Bridges at FRC caught it and substituted this come-back:


Dead Kitty: Blumenthal Poisons Cats

The Huffington Post lefties are slow learners. Liberals always are. So Max Blumenthal re-hot-links. And screws up yet again.

But cannot get ahead of Christian Soldiers Marching as to War. Or Blumenthal’s Comedy Club.


FRCBlog: Max Blumenthal’s Favorite Stops on the Interweb


Thank you (foot)notes:


Joe Carter, a former Marine,

said he started blogging as a way

to become an influential voice

for Christian values even though

he doesn’t have

Ivy League credentials.

(By Rich Lipski, The Washington Post) Joe Carter is the Editor at the FRCBlog and was recently highlighted in The Washington Post. He blogs at The Evangelical Outpost.

Jared Bridges is a contributor at FRCBlog and personally blogs at TruePravada.

The Carter/Bridges brilliance is noted in NewBusters Editors’ Pick May 4, 4007.

Brian Kaylor at For God’s Sake Shut Up! sees nothing funny. Pursuing a Ph.D. has that effect. His sense of humor should return after his dissertation defense.

Kevin Aylward at Wizbang has an update.

See ChristianityToday.

Blogroll the BlueyBlog: Max Blumenthal: Image Thief

HuffPo p0wn3d by! by Laura at Pursuing Holiness. Our kind of girl.

And see what Joe Carter did with:

Michelle Malkin

Little Green Footballs

National Review Online


Human Events’ Right Angle

Bluey Blog




Pursuing Holiness

WORLD magazine’s blog


in A Lesson in Web Etiquette for the Huffington Post (Part II)

Like a dog that returns to his vomit is a fool who repeats his folly.Proverbs 26:11

Wizbangblog is on the story with analysis,

That’s not ignorance of how the web works, no that’s willfully dishonest bandwidth theft on the part of Mr. Blumenthal.


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  1. Kaylor says:

    I didn’t say I found nothing funny. Here’s what I wrote: “This is a pretty funny prank, though I worry about the intent. … this is likely only to add to the bad blood.” I found it funny, but I was afraid it was not the wisest thing to do.

    As for my sense of humor being gone during my Ph.D. studies, check out my book that was recently published: For God’s Sake, Shut Up! ( It is very sarcastic as it offers tips for Christians on how to communicate more effectively and appropriately.

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