Raising Children: Roots and Wings



The Yankees, Arlington, Virginia

The Dude, first row on right.

The Baby Boo at his lower right

Your Business Blogger has never hit a home run. Oh, there have been some interesting paydays — No, I mean a baseball homerun.

I have had a horrific number of strike outs, on and off the field. And it hurts.

But, only one thing hurts more.

To watch your boy strike out.

The Dude was playing for the Yankees, the local little league. Saturday before last, his team was in the District playoffs for the championship. Charmaine and I and the Penta-posse were all in attendance.

Please forgive the day in the life reflection, but we have always thought that life should not be too easy for kids — that anything worth having has a fence around it. (Like a base ball diamond.) And they should learn to deal with overcoming obstacles.

So we are forever designing small age-appropriate challenges to stretch the young ones thinking, reasoning, and physical dexterity.

Alert Readers will remember that we allow our children restricted use of power tools to teach self-reliance. And to get some work done around here.

I wanted start early and teach our infant children about the harsh world outside their cribs… by placing barbed wire along the top rail. Charmaine did not think this amusing.


Courtesy: Rick Lee Photo
But even with out the barbed wire, the Penta-Posse has learned to exhibit grace under pressure. And, we pray, to develop character — to be useful citizens as John Adams said of his offspring.


The Dude swings for the fences So The Dude had struck out.

But like most things in life, it was not his last time at bat. He had another chance.

He came to the plate and confidently stood his ground in the batter’s box. Faced the pitch.

And swung and hit. Sending the ball over the fence ending the game.

A home run.

There is nothing better to have your son beat you at your own game.


Thank you (foot)notes:

Credit to Don Suber for citation for Rick Lee Photo.

See Rich Galen’s similar experience of having a son surpass.

Full Disclosure: No barbed wire is used in our Management Training classes. Unless requested.


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