Kingsley Browne's Co-ed Combat: The New Evidence that Women Shouldn’t Fight the Nation’s Wars



Kinglsey Brown Alert Readers will know of Your Business Blogger’s endorsement of Professor Kingsley Brown and his research. Brown is on faculty at Wayne State University teaching law.

He writes to John Howland with USNA At Large,

“Co-ed Combat: The New Evidence that Women Shouldn’t Fight the Nation’s Wars” is due out on November 8, although it can be pre-ordered now on Amazon…

My book examines physical and psychological differences between the sexes and their implication for integration of combat forces. This examination includes not just individual traits — such as strength, endurance, risk-taking, physical aggression, fear, courage, and other traits that affect both combat motivation and combat performance — but also the effect of psychological sex differences on the functioning of groups. As you know, individuals do not fight wars; groups do, and the sex composition of groups has a substantial impact on how the group functions.

As you have yourself noted, trust is the “coin of the realm” in combat groups. It appears that men are not “designed” to easily trust women in dangerous situations. I’m sure that you and the other At-Large members have had the experience of knowing leaders whom you would be willing to follow through the gates of Hell and others whom you would be reluctant to follow across the street. Some people trigger trust in their comrades, and others –


Women in Combat

no matter what kind of training they have had – simply cannot do so. I suggest in my book that women generally do not trigger that kind of trust in men, no matter how much men like and respect women. This is not a criticism of either women or men; it is simply the way our psyches work. As the continued opposition to women in and near combat suggests, this is not a problem that can be solved simply through “leadership” and “training,” which are usually invoked as the solution to problems with sexual integration.

My book also chronicles a number of other impediments to sexual integration, many of which are well known, such as problems of pregnancy, double standards, political correctness, and so forth.

Best regards,



Thank you (foot)notes:

Read more on Kingsley Browne’s work at Hiring Super Stars vs Tolerating Turkeys

Thanks to John Howland at USNA At Large.

More on Professor Kingsley Brown at the jump.

Prior to joining Wayne State’s faculty in 1989, Professor Browne was a partner in the San Francisco-based law firm of Morrison & Foerster, where he specialized in labor and employment law. Following law school at the University of Denver, where he graduated first in his class and was an editor of the law review, he clerked for Justice Luis Rovira of the Supreme Court of Colorado and then for Justice Byron White of the Supreme Court of the United States.

Professor Browne’s publications have dealt primarily with various aspects of employment discrimination law and with the legal implications of evolved differences between the sexes. His most recent book is Co-ed Combat: The New Evidence that Women Shouldn’t Fight the Nation’s Wars (Sentinel, 2007). His previous book, Biology at Work: Rethinking Sexual Equality (Rutgers University Press, 2002) was named one of the “Outstanding Academic Titles of 2002” by Choice Magazine.


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4 Responses

  1. have a thought says:



    A Picture is worth a thousand words? These two speak volumes!

    Hat tip Katydid

    Cpl John Gariano USMC 1962/66

    1963-DaNang Vietnam 47 3rd Marine Recon Unit

    Neil – Mac – Wade – Jim

    “Ranger” McCain, He’s Gone But Not Fogoten (RIP)


    I’m not sure if everything in the below letter is true, but I know much of it is true. Below the letter is a President Bill Clinton TimeLine with some more interesting information about the Clintons. The timeline supplies dates for many of the things found in the below letter.


    —– Original Message —–

    From: John


    Worse than you thought & worth remembering and this came from a Democrat.

    Dear Mr. Ex President Clinton,

    I recently saw a bumper sticker that said, “Thank

    me, I voted for Clinton-Gore.” So, I sat down and

    reflected on that, and I am sending my “Thank you”

    for what you have done, specifically:

    1. Thank you for introducing us to Jennifer

    Flowers, Paula Jones, Monica Lewinsky, Dolly Kyle

    Browning, Kathleen Willey, and Juanita Broderick.

    Did I leave anyone out?

    2. Thank you for teaching my 8 year old about oral

    sex. I had really planned to wait until he was a

    little older to discuss it with him, but now he

    knows more about it than I did as a senior in college.

    3. Thank you for showing us that sexual harassment

    in the work place (especially the White House) and

    on the job is OK, and all you have to know is what

    the meaning of “it” is. It really is great to know

    that certain sexual acts are not sex, and one person

    may have sex while the other one does NOT have sex.

    4. Thank you for reintroducing the concept of

    impeachment to a new generation and demonstrating

    that the ridiculous plot of the movie “Wag the Dog”

    could be plausible after all.

    5. Thanks for making Jimmy Carter look competent,

    Gerald Ford look graceful, Richard Nixon look

    honest, Lyndon Johnson look truthful, and John

    Kennedy look moral.

    6. Thank you for the 73 House and Senate witnesses

    who have pled the 5th Amendment and 17 witnesses who

    have fled the country to avoid testifying about

    Democratic campaign fund raising.

    7. Thank you, for the 19 charges, 8 convictions,

    and 4 imprisonment’s from the Whitewater “mess” and

    the 55 criminal charges and 32 criminal convictions

    (so far) in the other “Clinton” scandals.

    8. Thanks also for reducing our military by half,

    “gutting” much of our foreign policy, and flying all

    over the world on “vacations” carefully disguised as necessary trips.

    9 Thank you, also, for “finding” millions of

    dollars (I really didn’t need it in the first place,

    and I can’t think of a more deserving group of

    recipients for my hard-earned tax dollars)

    for all of your globe-trotting. I understand you,

    the family and your cronies have logged in more time

    aboard Air Force One than any other administration.

    10. Now that you’ve left the White House, thanks

    for the 140 pardons of convicted felons and indicted

    felons-in-exile. We will love to have them rejoin


    (Not to mention the scores you pardoned while Governor of Arkansas)

    11. Thanks also for removing the White House

    silverware. I’m sure that Laura Bush didn’t like the

    pattern anyway. Also, enjoy the housewarming gifts

    you’ve received from your “friends.”

    12. Thanks to you and your staff in the West Wing

    of the White House for vandalizing and destroying

    government property on the way out. I also

    appreciate removing all of that excess weight

    (China, silverware, linen, towels, ash trays, soap,

    pens, magnetic compass, flight manuals, etc.) out of Air Force 1.

    The weight savings means burning less

    fuel, thus less tax dollars spent on jet fuel.

    Thank you!

    13. Please ensure that Hillary enjoys

    the $8 million dollar advance for her “tell-all”

    book and you, Bill, the $10 million advance for your

    memoirs. Who says crime doesn’t pay!

    14. The last and most important point – thank you

    for forcing Israel to let Mohammed Atta go free.

    Terrorist pilot Mohammed Atta blew up a bus in

    Israel in 1986. The Israelis captured, tried and

    imprisoned him. As part of the Oslo agreement with

    the Palestinians in 1993, Israel had to agree to

    release so-called “political prisoners”. However,

    the Israelis would not release any with blood on

    their hands. The American President at the time,

    Bill Clinton, and his Secretary of State, Warren

    Christopher, “insisted” th at all prisoners be

    released. Thus Mohammed Atta was freed and

    eventually thanked the US by flying an airplane into

    Tower One of the World Trade Center. This was

    reported by many of the American TV networks at the

    time that the terrorists were first identified. It

    was censored in the US from all later reports. Why

    shouldn’t Americans know the real truth?

    What a guy!!

    If you agree that the American public must be made

    aware of these facts, pass this on. God bless

    America and THANK YOU (once again) for spending my

    taxes so wisely and frugally.


    A US Citizen

    PS. Please pass along a special thank you to Al Gore

    for “inventing” the Internet, without which I would

    not be able to send this wonderful, factual e-mail.


    AND THE REST OF THE STORY Hillary Rodham Clinton,

    a s a New York State Senator, now comes under the

    “Congressional Retirement and Staffing Plan,” which

    means that even if she never gets reelected, she

    STILL receives her Congressional salary until she

    dies. (Would it not be nice if all Americans were

    pension eligible after only 4 years?)

    If Bill outlives her, he then inherits HER salary

    until HE dies. He is already getting his

    Presidential salary until he dies. If Hillary

    outlives Bill, she also gets HIS salary until she

    dies. Guess who pays for that?

    WE DO!

    It’s common knowledge that in order for her to

    establish NY residency, they purchased a million

    dollar-plus house in upscale Chappaqua, New York.

    Makes sense. They are entitled to Secret Service

    protection for life. Still makes sense.

    Here is where it becomes interesting. Their

    mortgage payments hover at around $10,000 per month.

    BUT, an extra residence HAD to be built within the

    acreage to house the Secret Service agents.

    The Clintons charge the Federal government $10,000

    monthly rent for the use of that extra residence,

    which is just about equal to their mortgage payment.

    This means that we, the taxpayers, are paying the

    Clinton’s salary, mortgage, transportation, safety

    and security, as well as the salaries for their 12

    man staff — and, this is all perfectly legal!

    When she runs for President, will you vote for her?

    How many people can YOU send this to?


  2. William says:

    You show an army female and discuss comics about navy uniforms from the 50’s… and use this to state women can not serve?

  3. Paul Degenkolb says:

    I find myself in an interesting position. My oldest daughter is in the Navy as an NFO in the E2 community. She is currently in training, but within 18 months, I expect her to be deployed. She wanted to be in FA18s, but staffing did not work out that way. Despite completing as the top Navy student in her class(s), CNATRA decided that they should put 2 men in the FA18 program, and send her to E2s. So, she is unhappy. She has decided to challenge the established rules and ask to be transferred to SEALs. Sound ridiculous? When she went through boot camp, she expressed an interest in SEALs. Her instructors explained to her that this was not an option, and that women were simply incapable of performing up to the standards necessary to be a SEAL. When she graduated, four separate instructors approached my wife and I while our daughter was talking to friends. All four of them commented that they had believed what they told her when she entered boot camp. However, they felt they may have been in error. They considered her in the top one percent of the candidates being considered for SEALs. At the time, the only things stopping her from going into SEALs was the ban on women in the front line positions, and the fact that she was going nuclear, and they needed her there. Since then , she has changed track, becoming an officer subsequent to completing her Bachelors’ Degree in Nuclear Engineering (cum laude).

    So now, she wants to be a SEAL. She feels the track she has been shoved into does not give her the challenge she needs to perform at her best. If she gets her wish, she will be in harms way to a much greater degree than as an NFO on an E2. However, she used to BASE jump (the NAVY does not approve, so she does not do that anymore), she skydives, she speaks fluent Russian, and some Chinese. She represents the Navy as a triathlete. Honestly, I think she would love it. She does not ask for different standards, she wants to compete to the same standards as all other candidates. The only reason she will not get a chance (hopefully, she will find a way) is rules against women in front line military positions, which I would submit has already been found unconstitutional. So as a father, the ban helps to protect my daughter. However, that protection comes at a hideous price: The elimination of many highly qualified candidates to a program that has proven critical to the safety of our country. I can be afraid for my daughter, but I believe she is right is seeking this appointment, and that if the Navy refuses her application based on her sex, that it is Congress and the Navy that are ultimately betraying our country.

  4. Captain Anonymous says:

    I fail to see where Professor Browne ever spent a day in uniform. Teach, but not ‘do’?

    I’m a Reagan Republican, I’m winding up my 20 years, I’ve been deployed and I’m currently ramping up for another deployment. I call Shennanigans on Browne, along with the Statler & Waldorf comments from the balconies.

    One of my officers is female and she’s worth more than three of some of her male nitwit peers.

    But hey, don’t take my word for it. Let’s see what SGT Hester did:

    Woman Soldier Receives Silver Star for Valor in Iraq

    By Sgt. Sara Wood, USA

    American Forces Press Service

    WASHINGTON, June 16, 2005 – For the first time since World War II, a woman soldier was awarded the Silver Star Medal today in Iraq.

    Sgt. Leigh Ann Hester of the 617th Military Police Company, a National Guard unit out of Richmond, Ky., received the Silver Star, along with two other members of her unit, Staff Sgt. Timothy Nein and Spc. Jason Mike, for their actions during an enemy ambush on their convoy. Other members of the unit also received awards.

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