Here’s the real reason not to support John McCain…


He fired his Deputy Campaign Manager. Also known as The Lad.


Rich Galen

Courtesy: Mullings Also known as Rich Galen’s son.

Rich Galen, Charmaine’s green-room buddy, writes,

“The Presidential campaign of Sen. John McCain (R-Az) imploded yesterday…

Everyone knows the income and cash-on-hand (CoH) levels of the major campaigns. The McCain campaign made news last week when it announced it had raised just over $11 million and had only $2 million CoH.

The true test of a campaign’s financial condition is: Cash-on-hand plus planned fundraising minus on-going expenses and unpaid obligations.

I have no idea what will happen to the McCain campaign now. I suspect it will continue to drift downward, but that depends upon the release of the official filings for the second quarter on July 15.

If the McCain campaign’s balance sheet shows that it is serious – or even modestly – under water then it is hard to see how the campaign can continue. What will continue is finger pointing and emails to reporters and Bloggers making certain everyone knows whose fault this wasn’t.”

The finger pointing may have started some time ago. See Is John McCain Courting the Religious Right? from July 19, 2006.

Charmaine and I saw McCain at the graduation ceremony at Liberty University recently and watched McCain up close. Our good friend, Gary Bauer was also giving a speech and praised McCain…

McCain glowed and smiled at Gary’s compliments. But McCain turned dark when Bauer talked about gay marriage or abortion. McCain would fidget, pick lint off his pant legs and stare off in another direction when abortion and babies were mentioned. McCain is a master politician, but not a master of body language

Maybe McCain isn’t a master politician either.


Thank you (foot)notes:

Gary Bauer has moderated his McCain comments since July last year.

Captain Ed has more.

The Wall Street Journal has more on The Lad resignation. Subscription required.

See Wizbang.

See the front page, above the fold, with a McCain picture of the story, Top Aides Leave McCain Camp in the Washington Post.


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1 Response

  1. Pat Patterson says:

    Not terribly surprising as Sen. McCain somehow reminded me of Sen. Dole in that both expected to be the nominee because they were Sen. McCain and Sen. Dole respectively. It was their turn, dadgummit!

    Also a slight problem with Charles Keating branded, to me anyway, Sen. McCain as simply one of the guys, no more, no less!