The Simpson's Movie



The Simpsons Movie

by Matt Groening

Your Business Blogger had an extra 100 dollar bill to burn and decided to see a movie.

So Charmaine and I packed up the Penta-Posse and another boy from The Dude’s baseball team to binge on buttered popcorn sprinkled with gold dust.

(A theater’s loss leader — movies are just a front:

The real money is in the concessions…)

The Simpsons Movie…

Here’s your Hollywood script checklist:

Profanity — Check > Even Marge lets loose with a God D@mm!t

Bestiality — Check > Homer wants to kiss his pig “to break the tension.” Pig gender not revealed.

Nudity — Check > Bart (anagram of brat) exposes p*n!s.

Homosexual activity — Check > Brokeback moment when two cops embrace, kiss, fall to ground…

Suicide — Check > Unable to deal with frustration, a character blows brains out with hand gun. (OK… so it was a robot.)

Blasphemy — Check > Homer thumbs through Bible, declares that “This Book has no answers!”

Biased — Check > Non-subtle product-placement-endorsement Hillary 08 sign.

Cliched — Check > Big business is evil. And profit motivated.

Liberal — Check > Patriot Act has entire government listening in to your pizza order.

This is America as Hollywood sees it.


Thank you (foot)notes:

Stephen Hunter, reviewer for The Washington Post, loves The Simpsons Move, as the Alert Reader would guess,

The genius is in the writing and in keeping all gambits created by the individual writers in sync, so the piece has a tonal consistency and a narrative flow. A lost art in Hollywood? It’s really one of the best movies of the year.

The Simpsons Movie PG-13, 87 minutes Contains adult material. In theaters.

Matt Groening of MATT GROENING PRODUCTIONS/PRODUCER of BEVERLY HILLS, California has donated the maximum to liberal democrat Barbara Boxer.



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5 Responses

  1. Stacy Harp says:

    Nice post….here’s a recommendation for you. Go to and see what’s in a movie before you waste your money.

    Oh, and speaking of lousy movies, have you seen this one called The Ten? It’s mocks the ten commandments and from the trailer it’s all about a man’s manly parts 🙂

    Of course, I’m not blogging about this because no Christian controversy because of me is going to give this evildoers publicity.

  2. Deborah says:

    Alexis deTocqueville once noted “America is great because America is good … when America ceases to be good, it will cease to be great.” I believe we’re there.

  3. Pat Patterson says:

    So the Simpsons movie indicates a fall from greatness for the US but the bear baiting contests and the slave auctions that deTocqueville saw and described were indicative of a state of greatness?

  4. Jack says:

    Deborah, You may be on to something — James Dobson of Focus on the Family would often say that the culture is a river that will sweep you kids away.

    My favorite de Tocqueville is “self interest rightly understood.” It is clear –these days — the interest of the movie industry is not good for children; not good for the country.

    Thanks for commenting,


  5. Jack says:

    Pat, de Tocqueville’s perspective may have been the gallic guillotine, Napolean and bottled spring water tainted with anti-freeze.

    Are we on the Hyway to Hell? — with apologies to AC/DC — if so, at least we’ve stopped smoking along the way…and we recycle.

    And the bear baiting? Oh please, Pat. These days we the use smaller animals, RE: Michael Vick.

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